5G edge computing platform enables thousands of industries

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5G is a leap in the new era, which can bring Mobile Beyond Giga, real-time World and all-online Everywhere Beyond the industrial bus.System requirements Cloud services develop rapidly, and their storage, computing, and rendering capabilities are gradually improved. Many services can be processed in the cloud to reduce terminal costs and achieve complex cross-platform collaboration.In the business field, it is more necessary to have highly reliable edge computing carrier, 7*24 stable operation, compatible with multiple scenarios, easy installation, debugging, operation and maintenance.The main function requirements are 1:5g communication capability, which supports full netpass fixed APN and networking mode SA under both WIN and LINUX systems, and supports locked frequency band. Closed-loop communication of 5G small base station can be realized in specific scenarios, which is safer and faster.2: Network port communication capability, multi-network port independent MAC, bottom wake up, start up o&M function, support POE rapid deployment, quick debugging, convenient o&M.3. The control function of network port bus serves as the master station of EtherCAT protocol, making full use of the fast communication function of 5G and giving full play to the edge business advantages combined with the cloud background.4: GPIO optical coupling isolation capability, easy to configure, meet the implementation of free I/O service scenarios.5: Adaptive computing power, from low to high CPU (35W/65W) 6 to 9 generation optional, GPU optional, fully adapt to the hardware requirements of different business scenarios, with edge computing system for computing power scheduling.6: environmental adaptability, seismic radiation and corrosion resistance IP65/66 level, 7*24 hours, -20℃ to 70℃ wide temperature operation.7: multi-system, multi-network compatibility, WIN +Linux, WIFI+ wired +5G+4G adaptation.The development of 5G technology has greatly promoted the intelligent decision making and control technology of autonomous driving technology and the collaborative technology evolution of vehicles.Intelligent decision and control technology is through the perceptual system of vehicle access to environmental information for decision making and judgment, and to control the motion of the vehicle, the vehicle synergy technology through intelligent communication system to realize the bidirectional interaction, real-time and efficient information, for 5 g + self-driving vehicles to provide full information of time and space, maximize the safety of road traffic system.5G+ robot control in the future of intelligent factory production links involved in logistics, feeding, warehousing and other scheme judgment and decision-making, 5G technology can provide a cloud network platform for intelligent factory.Accurate sensor technology works on numerous sensors to report information status in a short time. A large amount of industrial-grade data is collected through 5G network, and a huge database has begun to form. Industrial robots combine the computing power of cloud computing to carry out autonomous learning and accurate judgment, and provide excellent solutions.In some specific scenarios, with the device-to-device (D2D) technology under 5G, objects can communicate directly with each other, further reducing the end-to-end delay of the business, and making the response more agile while the network load is diverted.Manufacturing times are shorter, solutions are faster and better, and manufacturing efficiency is greatly improved.Telemedicine is a new type of medical service that closely integrates signal transmission, communication technology and medical expertise by means of two-way transmission of data, voice, image and other information through modern communication technology.5G has the characteristics of large bandwidth, low latency and high reliability. It can provide medical services with the transmission of medical images with large amounts of data, network guarantee with low latency and high reliability, mobile network coverage capability, massive medical equipment connection and efficient localized computing capability.In the field of urban video surveillance, “ultra HIGH definition, more intelligent” is one of the main directions of future development.5G features of high transmission rate, high broadband and high reliability reduce the delay caused by network transmission speed and accelerate the ultra HIGH-DEFINITION display of monitoring information, thus helping the platform of the city command center to make more accurate, effective and fast security decisions.5G+ Feeder automation Feeder automation refers to the feeder line automation between substation outgoing line and user electrical equipment, its content can be summarized into two aspects: one is the user detection, data measurement and operation optimization under normal circumstances.The second is fault detection, fault isolation, transfer and power supply restoration control under the state of accident.Feeden Autonation (FA), as the core content of distribution network technology, is the most effective and direct way to improve the quality and reliability of power supply.The application of feeder automation (FA) technology requires the network to meet the requirements of low delay, and 5G provides the communication network support of low delay for the feeder automation system.The SPECIAL control 5G edge computing platform MEC-T1764 uses 5G as data transmission to provide better connectivity and lower latency for cloud-based applications, provide powerful computer resources for edge computing node services, and effectively share cloud load.1: Strong computing power: MEC-T1764 supports CPUI3/I5/I7 generation 6 to 9, supports 1650 graphics card, perfectly adapt to the mainstream software requirements for computing power.2: Rich interface:4 x Intel LAN (2 x LAN+2 x POE LAN). POE supports IEE 802.3AT specifications6*COM(2*RS232/422/485),4*RS232,6*USB(4*USB3.0,2*USB2.0),32*GPIO(16*GPI,16*GPO), 1* Remote switch,1 * One-button restore,1 * One-button backup,1*VGA+1*HDMI, dual screen synchronous asynchronous display,1* M.2,1* 2.5-inch hard disk, 2*MINI PCIE(WiFi support), 1*SIM slot,1* M.2(4G/5G support), 6* antenna hole,1* PCIEx16+1*PCI or 2*PCI(two options),To meet the current various types of equipment link communication.3: pure industrial design, strong heat pipe and pure copper integration of excellent heat dissipation structure, fully sealed aluminum alloy box, large area of aluminum fin heat dissipation, horizontal and vertical placement of natural convection heat dissipation, chassis can resist contact 6KV strong electromagnetic interference, DC12V-24V wide voltage input.Integrated design, anti-seismic and anti-interference.