Feng Xiaoting wash white in Dabao!It is ridiculous to boast that he was involved in three penalty kicks

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On March 28, Beijing time, The Chinese national football team is about to face the honorable match against Oman, but just before this, Yu Dabao’s walking incident still retains a great storm, people are still discussing a series of choices he made during the match.But there is one person who can’t stand the criticism: feng Xiaoting, his former teammate and national team captain.Feng Xiaoting publicly whitewash Yu Dabao, but he did not forcibly whitewash Yu Dabao’s walk like many famous acts, but from another Angle for his former teammates crazy excuses and defense.Feng Xiaoting specially produced for 2 minutes and 59 seconds video, resolved the team’s got a penalty as a series of attacks, and claims that great treasure liledagong but for the team’s this penalty, alone with the opposite three defenders, create space for his teammates, they will be able to win a penalty, after hearing what he said, it looks great treasure, it is the biggest contributor to the.Feng Xiao d. crazy wash baiyu dabao at that time, he made the video resolution, start directly said: “let’s take a look at how the penalty, he then stop said, alas, when time starts to 11 seconds, Feng Xiaoting purposely put the picture pause, and began to emphasize the great treasure what is there?””It was the position of Dabao that was crucial,” he said. “Yu dabao saw the tactics and formation of the opposition and decided to go forward and try to take the defender down.”Behind Feng Xiaoting also put words: “Yu Dabao this ball did not take the guard out, but he can let the opposite defensive line was pressed to shrink, he is quite forward pressure.At the same time, dabao cleverly came back from this line and came back in a position that was very embarrassing and uncomfortable for the defenders because it was between two Saudi defenders!The opposite player has to take the top off, and when we look down, dabao suddenly involves three players on the opposite side, which means Kim kyung-do has a gap.””Kim then cleverly found the gap and drew three defenders through Yu Dabao, and Gao (high precision wing) passed the ball and the penalty was awarded.”The time was 1 minute 46 seconds, which means feng spent 96 seconds to prove that Yu dabao was effective in the penalty.Although yu Dabao didn’t even receive a pass in this round and just stood there, he said it was because yu Dabao could get three players involved that you had room to pass and create the handball penalty.At the beginning of 1:46 to 2:59, in the last 1:13, he began to talk about the role of other Chinese football players on the court.In the whole three-minute video, he just blew On Yu Dabao standing there for 95 seconds, accounting for more than half of the space, but also said to analyze the national football team’s tactics, is undoubtedly in the whitewash for Yu Dabao.And all kinds of boasting yu Dabao, looked at the opposite formation, precisely found the opposite weakness, forward and back put once, involving the opponent of three players, for teammates to create a penalty goal, get the gap, this is really a bit ridiculous.To put it bluntly, this ball is Jin Jingdao, accidentally at the top of the top to the opposite hand, creating a penalty, blowing what yu Dabao involved three people, can only say feng Xiaoting in order to give Yu Dabao whitewash, really spare no effort.Of course, before Feng Xiaoting with Gong Hanlin launched feng Gong duel, leading to national football team notorious, even out of the circle was scolded, and now come to walk yu Dabao whitewash, said he had the greatest credit for the appearance of the penalty.To be honest, regardless of the attitude of the game, it is no wonder that Chinese football will never be good with this kind of players and the ability to face up to mistakes. A protective catch and a penalty kick really explain what self-deception is.