Too sweet!”Liu Quiz” Sun Yizhen general direction Xuan Bin love, net urge: get married!

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Sun Yizhen and Hyun Bin became attached to each other because of the cooperation of popular Korean drama “Crash landing of Love”. After the New Year’s Day of 2021, the relationship has also been concerned by the outside world, and it is a famous circle of CP in South Korean entertainment.Sohn ye jin recently invited to play variety show “liu quizzes, rarely let go when it comes to the relationship with hyun bin, sweet said: love is love, now let all netizens riots ~ in a recent public preview of liu quizzes, one of the guests invited to have the title of” people first “sohn ye jin, the host curious ask sohn ye jin:What about the nation’s first love?Did not think of Sun Yizhen unexpectedly answer: now love is the first love.Super sweet response to the side of Liu Zaixi heard can not help but aunt laugh ~ Sun Yizhen’s answer also let the netizens riot, have left a message:Please get married, 2022 the most sweet words, if I was Xuan Bin will move to faint, if I was Xuan Bin now has done five back flip too heart, too sweet ~ because there is open love of the object said the first love is not too suitable for this answer very care of the present lover emotional intelligence is too high!Xuan Bin fight badly, good now xuan Bin to speak.Hyun bin and Sohn Ye-jin got to know each other when they co-starred in the 2018 movie “The Duel of The Wise”. Although there was no romance between the two, they had a strong sense of romance when they interacted privately during promotional events.After the two do not escape the doubt together starring love drama “crash landing of love”, because the chemical reaction is too strong, immediately become one of the fans would like them to get married in situ screen couple, finally also really come true, become a Korean entertainment circle a story.Finally, let’s call up liu Jae-seok’s famous meme: “There are so many people who want them to get married.”The face that feels Liu god is really very big, sun Yizhen and xuan Bin since open amour hind all the time very low-key, besides have shoot abroad telecommunication advertisement together, never in open occasion fit had appeared, also did not bask in affection on SNS, did not think can hear sun Xian show love this time, really have by sweet arrive!I hope they will continue to be happy