Why do so many people like the Tiguan X?Is it the name recognition?Or is there another reason?

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Everybody is good!I am the owner of Tiguan X, from Tieling, I mention the model is “2022 330TSI two-drive revered flagship edition “, the purchase price of 240,000, drove 2800 kilometers, the comprehensive fuel consumption of 9.1L, everyone see if I bought expensive?I have seen several models at the same price when I was buying a car. After a long time of confusion, I finally decided to choose two models, Audi Q3 and Volkswagen Tiguan X.After comparing the price, configuration and space, the whole family decided to choose Tiguan X. Although Audi brand is more high-end, the family pays more attention to the cost performance, especially considering the future maintenance cost, Tiguan X is more affordable.Two, the appearance and the feeling of the interior can be said to begin with the appearance level, loyal to the performance.The appearance of this car is my favorite, smooth line design, simple and atmospheric.The shape of the headlamp is my favorite. The raised canthus is very elegant, and the running taillight and the light effect design when lighting is full of science and technology.The only thing I am not satisfied with is the interior of this car. The material cha has a strong sense of plastic, which needs to be improved compared with some brands.The atmosphere of the interior lamp is very powerful, 30 colors, let me change the background to change the mood at any time, the sound is also ok, the sound quality is good.Three, comfort feel the car interior space makes me very satisfied, before open of fox just feel the space is too small, the holidays bring parents and their children go out to play together, sit in the back is too crowded, the family go out now back row space is still very full, trunk also can put a lot of sundry, don’t have to worry about the problem of interior space.The seats pack well and don’t get tired on long runs.The seat heating is very practical in the northern winter, it heats up very quickly, 2 to 3 minutes, it is very practical in the home without the garage.Air conditioning is three temperature zone control, very humane.Four, power and control feeling 2.0t engine power is very strong, acceleration can feel obvious push back feeling, interrupt acceleration power is also very abundant.Opened a period of time to run two high-speed, personal summary chassis is very solid, the car is very stable.The car is nearly 4 meters long, and it is very smart to drive. The steering wheel is very light, and there is no empty steering position and it is very accurate. It is equipped with automatic parking, but this function is not used much, and my driving skills are not able to use this function.Fuel consumption, bought is mainly a little more commuting, fuel consumption in 10 or so, run high speed 8 up and down, comprehensive fuel consumption of 9 liters, still satisfied.1. The biggest bright spot.What I like most is the appearance of this car, the rear movement of the big slip back design is very eye-catching, coupled with the beautiful red, driving out of the head is very high, I like this unique style.2. What are the shortcomings?The interior of this car is more simple, plastic sense is stronger, can’t see the luxury of more than 200,000.3. Is it worth buying?Compared with Q3, TIguan X is still selected, which can be said to be the cost performance of this car.The appearance can be said to be up and down with Q5, I like it very much, but this price to buy Tiguan X, a lot of practical and technological configuration, car is mainly household, their use of practical is the most important, face problem is not as comfortable as their use.When buying a car, I also made a lot of tips, and my friends also suggested to buy Tiguan X. Volkswagen has a good reputation. This model can be regarded as the latest appearance design, which is very fashionable.Consulted a dry repair friend, vw car maintenance and repair is still very convenient, the price can be lower.After several haggling, I reached the price I was satisfied with, plus five free maintenance and a lot of car decoration.Overall, this car is very cost-effective.