Spring Walking

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The Spring Festival is an important moment for family reunion, but they sacrifice to accompany their families and rest time, to the district to participate in the duty work, they have community workers, party volunteers, district unit staff.In order to fully implement the epidemic prevention and control during the Spring Festival, and work safety requirements, to ensure the safety of life and property of the residents in the area, Qinzhou District Tianshui County Sub-district Xishili community built a solid festival safety line, advocating civilized holidays.”Red majia” let the community door warm and harmonious □ New Tianshui reporter Xia Hui “Xiao Li, I know you are still on duty tonight, this is to do a little stew vegetables, you quickly eat a little hot.””Thank you aunt, so cold day you don’t go out, the area on the ground and snow, pay attention to safety, I eat some instant noodles on the line.””That how line, today is big New Year’s day, you for us all here hungry and cold, we feel sorry!”…This simple but warm dialogue comes from Li Xiaoxia, the deputy director of Xishili community in Qinzhou District, and Aunt Zhao, a resident of Xinhua Family Garden.Li Xiaoxia, the deputy director of xishili community, has become the most familiar “stranger” to residents of the community since she set up a checkpoint at the gate of the community during the epidemic.The residents of the community told reporters that although some people can not name Li Xiaoxia, but every day in and out, can see the enthusiasm and everyone greeted the girl, the heart is particularly practical.Li Xiaoxia told reporters, area residents are really warm heart, they will do food to the card point, and residents sent hot water, drinks, fruits, snacks…New Year’s Eve is Li Xiaoxia on duty, nearly sixty years old Aunt Zhao specially sent her to do their own food, let her eat while hot, this let Li Xiaoxia heart warm.Li xiaoxia said: “Community work is very trivial, directly facing the community residents.As a community worker and a Party member, I must play a pioneering and exemplary role. The more the Spring Festival comes, the more I relax, so that residents can enjoy a safe, happy and peaceful Spring Festival…”When saying these words, Li Xiaoxia suddenly looked up at the lights in the village, lowered his head, silent.Yeah, she’s been guilty of giving so little time to her kids and her family over the past year, but they’ve been supportive.Every time I have a video with my child, the child will say “Mom is great” when she sees her wearing a “red vest”.Li xiaoxia said she now hopes the outbreak will pass quickly and everyone can live as before the outbreak.And she will constantly improve their own business ability, and strive to do a good job in the community!