Yishui County: Caring for the empty-nest elderly, gaozhuang grid members in action

2022-07-12 0 By

With the acceleration of population aging, the elderly with empty nests and no family have become the people in urgent need of social care and help.In order to convey the great love of the world and let the elderly feel the attention and care of grid service, recently, Gaozhuang Town, Yishui County launched grid members to visit the empty nest lonely elderly in the grid area, to bring care and help to the elderly.During the visit, the grid staff talked with the elderly, learned about their physical and living conditions in detail, told them to pay attention to food safety, maintain a good and healthy mental state, and encouraged them to be confident, positive and optimistic in the face of life.In addition, grid members also help the elderly to clean, arrange firewood, provide help for their daily life, the recent abnormal temperature told the elderly to pay attention to the fire, electricity and other safety hazards, to publicize the prevention of carbon monoxide poisoning knowledge.Gaozhuang town has always taken care of the elderly and the elderly living alone as the top priority in the grid service, calling on all grid members to learn to “think”, think what the masses think, urgent what the masses are urgent, and solve the people’s worries.According to the responsibility grid, the daily grid members will carry out regular visits, visit the elderly frequently, and provide them with various convenient services to help the elderly with practical actions, so that the elderly can enjoy their old age, feel the care of the society, so that the lonely elderly life is no longer lonely.