Lin Xiao Jun announces!Cheer for The Chinese short track speed skating team, liu Shaolin, Liu Shaoyang

2022-07-13 0 By

The short track speed skating competition in the Beijing Winter Olympics is very competitive. Although he failed to represent The Chinese team in this Winter Olympics, Lin Xiaojun, a naturalized skater, did not sit back and opened a social platform, and even broadcast live with Han Tianyu.On February 11, I cheered for the Beijing Winter Olympics and cheered for the Chinese short track speed skating team.Careful netizens found that Lin Xiaojun cancelled the following liu Shaolin, Liu Shaoyang, the current list of only wu Dajing and Ren Ziwei these two athletes.Why Lin joined the Chinese team and why he changed his name will not be repeated here.No matter what he did, no matter what happened to him, he is now a member of the Chinese short track team and of course we have to support him.Although he was not selected for the Beijing Olympics, Lim played a key role in the preparation and team trials. His teammates liked him so much that he quickly integrated into the team, which was crucial. Ahn hyun-soo and Kim Sun-tae must have played an important role.Teammates in the winter Olympics competition for gold and silver, Lin Xiaojun also did not idle, on the one hand for the Chinese team, on the other hand is voting heart, Hwang Daheon won, he said he would soon return.Regardless of whether he can represent China in the Winter Olympics in four years’ time, at least he will soon be able to compete in a number of competitions, including the World Cup.In addition, Lin also and Han Tianyu even wheat live, with Han Tianyu learning northeast Dialect, is a positive attitude into China, many netizens said: this boy can be.In fact, before he joined the Chinese team, Lin had a good reputation. Considering that his team had many problems and was in a vicious competition, it was not easy for Lin to keep himself.Also, Lin hyo-jun opened an account on A Chinese social media platform and has a million followers.A careful netizen noticed the problem. He had previously followed Ma Fanshu, Liu Shaolin and Liu Shaoang, but now he has unfollowed them and only Ren Ziwei and Wu Dajing are on his following list.There is no need to read too much into who should be followed or who should not be followed. This is Lin Hyo-jun’s own action and he has his reasons.But anyway, Lin xiaojun’s attitude is very good, thank you for your encouragement and support for the first time, he cheers for the Beijing Winter Olympics, also hope that The Chinese short track speed skating team will achieve good results in the next!Also want to say, Lin Xiao Jun refueling!