Make money life 50-50 journey officially listed 75,800

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Today, SAIC-GM-Wuling’s super-large space wide-body commercial vehicle — Wuling Journey is officially listed, joining hands with thousands of industry strivers to embark on a new journey of “making money and living 50/50″.The new car comes in two models, comfort and luxury, with the seven-seat base version priced at 75,800 yuan and 83,800 yuan respectively.There is also a comfort window-sealing version for freight, priced at 75,800 yuan, and a luxury operating version for operational needs, priced at 90,800 yuan, with seven basic seats.In addition to the window-sealing version, the other three models can be upgraded to 8-seat and 9-seat versions with an additional price of 1000 yuan and 2000 yuan, easily meeting diverse car needs.When the new car comes on the market, Wuling Journey also prepares affordable car purchase rights for users, bringing a total value of 5,000 yuan of car purchase courtesy.Since the listing date, users can enjoy a 3000 yuan replacement subsidy and a two-year interest-free financial policy of up to 2000 yuan by placing a order of 9.9 yuan on the official e-commerce platform, making it easy to buy and worry about using a car.”What the people need, Wuling will build” is wuling always adhere to the concept of car manufacturing.In view of the current market environment changes, struggling people in various fields have pain points such as small car space and low efficiency of carrying people. Wuling identified the market demand and launched wuling Journey, a large-space wide-body commercial vehicle.With the “struggle to make money, also want to life” concept, wuling journey to its founder hale appearance modelling, personalized color scheme, five parties five meters large space, at the same level rare double side sliding door design, safe and comfortable functions configuration, product advantages, pay attention to the implementation work life and to make a living “50-50,” a new era of way of life.The new car adopts the design concept of “minimalist geometry” to shape the appearance of the new commercial vehicle, and provides glacier white, waves silver, earth gray, starry night black 4 natural color matching, bringing strivers appearance level taste both business style.Previously announced “double color” will also meet enterprises, users more personalized customization needs.Five party five meters and double side, flexible and efficient response to diverse car scene for the industry high attention of space layout, wuling journey combining diversified car scene, to create “five parties five meters large space, and USES the rare double side sliding door design at the same level, both fully meet the demand for the large space use of strivers, brings the usage convenience.At the same time, the new car also provides 7, 8, 9 seat combinations, rear seats can be folded and flipped, to achieve flexible utilization of large space, to meet such as small and micro business commuting, tourism agencies, rural passenger transport and other diverse car scenarios.Wuling Journey not only has the length of 5.15 meters, but also has 1.24 meters of extra-wide rear wheel cover spacing. With the large container volume of 4882L of two-seat window sealing car, the interior space is more than 5 cubic meters, forming the advantage of wide and extra-large space, which easily meets the shipping demand of most 1.22 meters wide plates in the market and can load goods more efficiently.At the same time, the new car also uses bilateral 12-piece rear plate spring and other high specification accessories, improve the vehicle load strength, to have a high frequency cargo demand for the struggling crowd to bring more efficient and reliable car experience.Considering the operation cost and safety guarantee in the multi-user vehicle scenario, Wuling Journey is equipped with a 1.5T turbocharged engine matched with a 6-speed manual transmission, with a high power of 108kW and a large torque of 250N·m, with abundant power and only 7.6L fuel consumption per 100km.At the same time, the new car is also equipped with the main/passenger airbags, automatic lock function and other configurations, and is equipped with a reversing image with guiding track line, reversing radar, multi-functional steering wheel with cruise control and other auxiliary driving configurations, to help users journey without worry.Over the years, SAIC-GM-Wuling has been adhering to the concept of “above user needs”, responding to user needs and creating more practical products for users.Wuling Journey caters to the changing trend of the current market and conforms to the diversified car needs of users under the close integration of work and life, which fully demonstrates the sincerity of Wuling to make cars for the people.With the listing of Wuling Journey, it is believed that Wuling Will provide more valuable products and services beyond the needs for thousands of strivers, bring users more cost-effective car use experience, and jointly promote the breakthrough of China’s automobile industry.The event will run from April 9, 2022 to April 15, 2022