Man drunk wearing his wife’s high heels, directing his wife to reverse, wife: you have not worn

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As the saying goes: Drink not drive, drive not drink.During the New Year celebrations, drinking is a necessary part of the family and friends gathering.Men, in particular, get together, and for them, no wine without a feast.But driving home after drinking was a problem.Now that most women can drive, men can drink, throw the keys to their wives and go to sleep.It’s just, what if a woman wears heels to a party?A video of a man wearing his wife’s high heels after drinking and telling her to reverse her car has gone viral online in Zhoukou, Henan Province.Men wearing high heels command reversing, eye-catching.February 1, 2022, the first day of the Lunar New Year, is a time for family and friends to gather.This man in Zhoukou, Henan Province, is no exception.Call friends to eat and drink, xing xing and return to the time just think: oneself drink wine can’t drive!Fortunately, his wife can drive and has a driver’s license, can drive for him.Only wife also some inconvenience: wear a pair of high-heeled shoes today!A pair of slender heel at least five to eight centimeters, driving will be affected.What to do?A man cannot drink and drive, and his wife cannot drive in high heels, making it difficult to get home.The woman had a brainstorm and said to him, “Take off your shoes.”The man obediently took off his shoes.The wife also took off her high-heeled shoes, put on her husband’s big shoes, and threw her high-heeled shoes to her husband, so that her husband wore her high-heeled shoes.When the man objected, she naturally said, Why not?It’s not like you haven’t worn them.”Apparently, the wife is not skilled at driving, reversing time also need a man in the side command.However, a man can easily pull off high heels, elegant in his wife’s heels, and move with ease.Netizens burst out laughing, have expressed understanding.Netizen Yanni said: it is commendable that one didn’t drink and drive while the other didn’t wear high heels.I noticed yesterday that all the drivers on the way home were male and all the drivers on the way back in the afternoon were female.Netizen Xiao Pepper expressed doubt, saying: “Is this a woman’s feet big?Or do men have small feet?”My husband said that if I didn’t learn anything this year, he would suspend me…Cersei’s point: Drink, don’t drive, drive, don’t drink.The netizen did the right thing by keeping this firmly in mind no matter what difficulties he encountered, and Xiaoxi praised him for it.When friends and family get together for festivals, it’s inevitable to drink a little wine.Some people drink wine and feel lucky that they can not find themselves on the line, drink wine and secretly drive, how to say when there is no problem, in case of some unexpected regret are too late.Like this man, what’s wrong with wearing high heels?As long as you don’t drink and drive, as long as you don’t let your wife drive in high heels, you and your family are safe.The so-called face is nothing more than other people’s opinions.At ordinary times, everyone looks very important, as if face is everything.In fact, in the face of security face is the least worthy of integration of things.At least he had high heels to wear, and it was worth going home barefoot to be safe.This is not the first time the man has worn his wife’s high heels and let her drive, which shows the importance of a woman being able to drive.When the man has a party, for his safety, but also for the sake of not letting him feel lucky, the wife can drive to pick up her husband home, can ensure the safety of her husband, and can promote the relationship between husband and wife, kill two birds with one stone.