Milan advanced strongly 4-0 lazio, with the wings flying 3 goals in the first half and dias playing the role

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AC Milan moved into the coppa Italia last four with a 4-0 home victory over lazio in the early hours of Sunday morning.It was lazio who started the game with a threat, Anderson cutting inside the right wing and sending the ball into the penalty area, where Immobile got the ball and shot high.In the 11th minute Messi dribbled the ball into the area from the right and was blocked before Casey followed up with a shot saved by goalkeeper Pepe Reina.AC Milan took a 1-0 lead in the 23rd minute when Romanioli sent a direct ball through the lazio defence at the back and Leao chipped in with a low shot from inside the penalty area.In the 34th minute, Before Milinkovic raised the ball in the middle of the field and crossed the ball into the penalty area, Inmobille faced the attacking Menion in the penalty area and lobbed the ball wide.In the 40th minute, Diaz seized on a lazio mistake in midfield, dribbled the ball forward and found Leo, who crossed the ball from the attacking Pepe Reina inside the penalty area for Giroud to score to give AC Milan a 2-0 lead.In the 45th minute, Dias received giroud’s header in the middle of the pitch, ran the ball forward and faced five lazio defenders. Teo received the ball from inside the penalty area and crossed it low across the far post. Giroud scored and AC Milan almost sealed the 3-0 victory at half-time.Second half of the game, 3 goals behind lazio has made 4 waves of substitution adjustment, with the full 5 substitution quota, but failed to change the trend of the game.Instead, in the 78th minute, AC Milan won a free-kick from the left and Casey volleyed home from close range to make the score 4-0.In this match, AC Milan focused on attacking on both sides and the sharp penetration of Leo and Messi on both sides, repeatedly splitting the Lazio defence, allowed AC Milan to take a three-goal lead in the first half and finally earned a comfortable victory.Diaz, who played in a central midfield role for AC Milan’s second and third goals, completed 27 accurate passes for a 93 per cent success rate.In the last game, it was Dias who came on as a substitute and finally changed the direction of milan Derby’s game.In these two games, Dias has played a significant role up front, and the most important role is dias’ ability to hold the ball up front and break through, which has kept AC Milan from losing the ball too quickly in attack.