The fifth day of the New Year to welcome the god of wealth!Draw the Tiger New Year sign, the highest 188 yuan red envelope

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Qianjiang Evening News · Hour news reporter Song Zhixuan article/graphics /H5 Today is the fifth day of the Chinese New Year, and every family welcomes the god of wealth.What customs do you have to welcome the god of wealth?What are your wishes for the New Year?Whether it’s a promotion, a raise, the realization of wealth and freedom, or the blessing of peace and good health, the New Year is always filled with anticipation.On the fifth day of the first lunar month, Qianjiang Evening News & Hour News will launch the interactive H5 “Welcome the God of Wealth in the Year of the Tiger”. Draw your own Lucky sign for the New Year, and you can get up to 188 yuan in cash.How to play?Look here!Click “Year of the Tiger” at the bottom of the home page to get the red envelope of the God of Wealth, up to 188 YUAN in cash.4, Lucky sign can also generate posters, save to share with friends and relatives. This hour news for everyone to prepare a limited amount of 1000 cash red envelopes, the maximum red envelope is 188 yuan, everyone has a prize, each person can receive only once a day, slow no oh!”Break five” welcome New Year, bonanza.It is said that those who get the red envelope in the year of the Tiger are not too unlucky.This New Year’s day, come to hournews to unlock your New Year’s good luck!