They got fined four times for opening a casino. Why do they do it again

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Xiangtan Rain Lake: Analysis of the causes of the case to promote the development of gambling special rectification Zhang Yinfeng Xi Rui report (reporter Zhang Yinfeng correspondent Xi Rui) “gambling special rectification action after the launch, no late night gambling noise, we can finally sleep peacefully.”Recently, Hunan Xiangtan City Yuhu District procuratorate police in the local public security organs to implement the procuratorial recommendations of the situation supervision return visit, area residents happily said.In March 2021, Xiangtan City Yuhu District Procuratorate in the review of Peng and others suspected of opening a casino case, found peng has 4 times for opening a casino by administrative punishment, but still use their house as a nest, with others many times in the home to open a casino.This is not an isolated phenomenon. Through sorting out all the criminal cases of opening casinos and gambling in the past three years, yuhu District Procuratorate found that such cases have been on the rise year by year, seriously disrupting the social order and affecting the normal production and life of residents.In order to further identify the reasons for the frequent occurrence of such cases, Yuhu District Procuratorate made an in-depth analysis of illegal persons and gathering places in gambling criminal cases, and found problems such as inadequate supervision measures, insufficient punishment and deterrence, and imperfect supervision system.Later, the hospital went to Yuhu Branch of Xiangtan City Public Security Bureau to listen to suggestions, and the two sides in-depth discussion on countermeasures.On the basis of full investigation, accurate analysis, repeated discussion and active communication in the early stage, Yuhu District Procuratorate made and issued procuratorial suggestions to local public security organs, including focusing on key groups and areas, focusing on crackdown, supervision and publicity.After the procuratorial suggestions were delivered, the hospital kept close contact with the public security organs to keep abreast of the implementation of the suggestions.Upon receipt of the procuratorial suggestions, the public security organs promptly organized a special gambling rectification campaign across the region. By March 2022, 218 people had been administratively detained for gambling, 261 had been administratively fined, and 23 had been criminally detained.In order to ensure the realization of the expected goals of the procuratorial suggestions, yuhu District peace construction leading group and other 7 units jointly produced and issued “Xiangtan Yuhu District Chess and card Entertainment Venue Management Interim Provisions”, to further standardize the security management of chess and card entertainment venues.Source: Procuratorial Daily