Why don’t men feel sorry for their wives when they cheat on their marriage?Even a rake!

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In the consultation, many women asked me, “Why did the man make a mistake, but he didn’t feel guilty?Because men have three kinds of psychology, understand these three kinds of psychology, you will understand the small calculation in the heart of men.First, the vengeful psychology of this kind of man is really no guilt.Because he thinks you owe him too much.Such as he may be the sort of look very big degree, but actually very sensitive man, you are the kind of person who nerve article big, temper, had forgot, but he is the kind of person who bear grudges, though he bear grudges, but afraid of conflict, so met things are his, and you don’t know what he is endure you, so in the long run, he in the mind have a little black book,When he makes mistakes, he thinks, you hurt me so much, I hurt you once what?Then he felt at ease.This kind of person hate to hate, did not understand one thing: he has dissatisfaction can say, why not blame you?So, to such a person, you need to empathize with him, you endure me also very hard, but why don’t you tell me you?Then he knew that he was the problem.Second, psychological manipulation the so-called rich man is trying to manipulating others people in the relationship, their biggest target is to your training as “with one eye open,” big house, so he must not let you feel point, they want a carrot and stick to allow you to accept his “harem games”, let you do your lovely big room, you are not good I put you in limbo.The only way to deal with such a person is to disobey his rules and let him see that you are not easy to control. If he continues to use this method, he will suffer greatly and he will be blindfold.Third, narcissism is a lack of empathy, he can not understand the feelings of others, subconsciously think that women should be for him.So all your emotions are unnecessary, all you need is not to give him trouble, and for him to give without reservation.This kind of man may seem scary, but he’s actually not that difficult to deal with because he doesn’t realize how attached he is to you. Once you stop giving to him, he’ll realize he can’t live a day without you.Or the same words, do not move feelings to men, to use the brain first, so that different psychological medicine for men, you will be able to control feelings.If you want to know what to do, follow me and give me a like.