Xiyuan Street, Fuxing District, Handan City: vigorously carried out the fourth phase of concentrated action of “three demolition, four treatment and five promotion”

2022-07-13 0 By

On February 16, handan Renaissance area xiyuan streets continued to carry out the “three down four put five ascension” concentrated crucial action on the fourth day, all the up and down the street as one, go all out, in strict accordance with the CaWei work plans, comprehensive renovation to dismantle illegal buildings within their respective jurisdictions, private and build, improper construction WeiDang, determined to win “CaWei governing revolution” to be completed, to enhance the level of urban construction and management,Optimize the living environment.District leadership yu-gang wang, Yao Xianping to guide xiyuan streets road moved and “three down four put five ascension” work vigorously to dismantle abnormal construction WeiDang communities give positive CaWei notice to dismantle the private continue uninterrupted and built the supermarket stores, it is strictly prohibited to sell fireworks communities setting fireworks, in the form of fireworks for gifts, prompting residents consciously or shooting,Maintain area safety and good environment.Source: Xiyuan