Qingming festival outing, epidemic prevention and control do not relax

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“Qingming festival rain, pedestrians on the road to the dead” “pear wind is qingming, wandering out of the city half spring”.Tomb-sweeping Day is a traditional festival for the Chinese people to sweep tombs and worship ancestors. It is also a time for people to get close to nature, go outing and enjoy the fun of spring.But the current epidemic is not scattered, citizens friends when going out, must remain vigilant, do a good job of protection ah ~ safe worship, health first advocate network worship, cloud worship, reduce the worship site personnel gathering.To (return) rong personnel should timely take the initiative to report to the residents (village) committee, units, hotels, actively cooperate with nucleic acid testing, risk screening, health monitoring and other prevention and control measures.Special reminder: each community, unit guard, hotel front desk must do a strict health code inspection.People from Shanghai, Jilin and other epidemic-related cities returning to Chengdu should report to their communities and streets immediately, and do a good job in screening and management.Click the link below to understand the reasonable planning of epidemic prevention and control policies for non-local personnel in Chengdu, and plan the travel time and route in advance for off-peak travel, and know whether there are requirements for appointment and traffic restriction.Buy tickets online to reduce queues.Choose walking, cycling and driving as much as possible.Attention: citizens are advised to avoid medium-high risk areas and their locations.Medium – and high-risk areas across the country can check the mini program of the National Government Affairs Service Platform to comply with the regulations, scan code and measure the temperature to comply with the epidemic prevention measures in cemeteries, scenic spots, restaurants, farmhouses and other places, and take the initiative to comply with the requirements of scanning code, measuring temperature and wearing masks.Keep a safe distance of 1 meter when performing sacrificial rites and playing.Do a good job of protection, avoid crowds during travel wear masks, do a good job of personal protection, less gathering, do not crowd, do not touch the eyes, mouth and nose with unclean hands.Avoid long periods of time in places where people gather.Off-peak dining, choose clean, well-ventilated dining places, it is recommended to pack away when there are too many people.Chengdu Daily · Jinguan news source Chengdu CDC responsible editor He Qitie editor Song Hexiao