These “hardcore with the box”, shock!Proud!

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Year of the Tiger, blessing to!A group of hardcore came from Suifenhe river in Heilongjiang Province to the mouth of yunnan River from Xigaze in Xizang Province to Luohu in Shenzhen……This Spring Festival followed the “Gate Guard” to open a different kind of immersive “time and space trip” astronauts with a dream expedition, footprints on the vast universe of the stars.Meanwhile, at the Suifenhe road port on the China-Russia border in the northeast of China, immigration police are taking on tasks such as vehicle inspection and 24-hour guard management at the border to ensure smooth freight passages during the epidemic prevention and control period.The national emblem hangs high and the national flag flutters. The Chinese characters “The People’s Republic of China” stand out prominently.As it flies over erenhot, Inner Mongolia, the Palace of China looks like a bright pearl, mirroring the city on the edge of the grassland.Guo Pengjie is a photography enthusiast. He successfully captured the pictures in his first attempt to take pictures of China’s space station. “Watching the space station fly over the country, I was filled with emotion, joy, excitement, and more pride.”At Horgos port in Xinjiang, Lu Bin, an immigration police officer, waited several days for Tiangong to fly over the border. “It may only take 30 seconds, but it’s worth the wait,” he said.”On this day, I looked up at the stars with my comrade-in-arms, which gave me the romantic feeling of being an exclusive guard of our country.” Yi Xiwang, a policeman stationed at Poulang port in Xizang province in southwest China, took a picture of the Chinese space station flying over Poulang port through his camera.At hekou Port, the largest port in The Yunnan section of the China-Vietnam border, the police at the entry-exit border control station paid tribute to the “Chinese Palace” through the camera, hoping that the astronauts could return safely. “I feel proud and excited to meet the space station where I have been guarding day and night.””What a great start to 2022!”At the Luohu port in Shenzhen, which connects Hong Kong and the mainland, immigration police officer Wang Jianshuang captured this classic frame moment with his camera.Looking up at the starry sky, a “star-chaser” clocks in the Qomolangma Altimetry monument in Xigaze, Xizang Province.As the Chinese space station flew over Mount Qomolangma, song Xin, an immigration police officer, created a “heavenly palace” with stacks of tracks across the waterfall of the Milky Way, creating a sci-fi visual feast.In the New Year, under the witness of the country, we are more brave to pursue our dreams and move forward to the future together!(Source: Xinhua)