Ukraine crisis tsai Ing-wen how empathy?

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At present, there are 200,000 troops stationed on the Border of Russia and Ukraine, and the situation in Russia and Ukraine is extremely grave.The United States wantonly provided weapons and equipment to Ukraine, and sent American troops to settle in Poland, which made the situation between Russia and Ukraine more tense, and war was on the verge of breaking out.Russia’s foreign Ministry said the US troop increase in Poland was a “destructive move” that would not actually help resolve the Russian-Ukrainian conflict.For its core and fundamental interests, Russia will never allow Ukraine to join NATO, which concerns Russia’s national security and survival.So stationing troops on the Border with Ukraine is aimed at protecting its core interests.The United States, by intervening in Ukraine’s internal affairs from thousands of miles away, directed and created the current Ukrainian crisis, and calculated carefully for its strategic interests.What is the US thinking?As Price, the State Department’s spokesman, put it, “Nord Stream 2 is not going to happen, no matter how Russia invades Ukraine.”The real goal of the US is to stop nord Stream 2, which is at the root of the current US-directed crisis in Ukraine.The reason for the energy cooperation between Russia and Europe is to solve the energy shortage problem of European countries. About 40% of the EU’s natural gas imports come from Russia.Second, once the energy settlement between Russia and Europe uses euro, it will shake the hegemony of the US dollar, which is unacceptable to the US, let alone the reality that the US does not want to see.Blocking European energy cooperation with Russia, maintaining the hegemony of the dollar and creating a crisis in Ukraine could easily achieve this goal.So, the American director of the Ukraine crisis is not tired of adding fuel to the fire.However, in the face of the Ukraine crisis directed by the United States, European countries also have their own plans, rather than taking sides with the United States.Despite repeated stern warnings to Russia, U.S. President Joe Biden said he would not send troops to Ukraine.The United States is only sending troops to Poland.Moreover, the European powers do not want Russia and Ukraine to fight each other, which will burn the flames of war on their own and bring trouble to the fish in the pool.Germany refused even to supply arms to Ukraine.French President Emmanuel Macron’s proposal at the European Parliament: “Europe should finally establish a collective security order on our continent.”In the face of the Ukraine crisis, the differences between EU countries and between Europe and the United States are growing.Poland, Sweden and the Baltic states voiced support for Ukraine and wanted the United States to be tougher and “solve” the problem through war.However, France and Germany advocate direct talks between the EU and Russia, hoping to reactivate the “four-way talks” between France, Germany, Russia and Ukraine to avoid the outbreak of war.The situation in Russia and Ukraine is grim, making the region this year’s biggest powder keg.However, Taiwan’s leader Tsai Ing-wen, who is far away from Ukraine, became nervous and paid close attention to the crisis situation in Ukraine. She expressed her sympathy for the crisis in Ukraine and set up a special task force to study the impact of the situation in Ukraine on Taiwan’s security.Tsai ing-wen’s sudden attention to the Ukraine crisis means several things: first, she wants to get closer to the United States and act as a “cheerleader”.As the Ukraine crisis directed by the United States is an American initiative, the DEMOCRATIC Progressive Party (DPP), which has been siding with the United States, should of course show itself to its American masters, “get close” to the United States, stand on the “Team America”, act as the “cheerleader” of the United States, and do what the United States wants.The second is to observe the strength of US “support” for Ukraine.If a war breaks out between Russia and Ukraine, how much will the United States support Ukraine and whether to send troops to war with Russia?This is to evaluate whether the United States will send troops across the Taiwan Strait to fight against the mainland in the event of a war between the two sides.Last August, the United States abandoned its Allies and withdrew troops from Afghanistan, which made it widely said in the island that “Afghanistan today, Taiwan tomorrow”, which could not help but make the Tsai administration to the United States of the heart, there is no foundation.The saying “Ukraine today, Taiwan tomorrow” began to appear in the public opinion of Taiwan, which made the Tsai administration one of the first two.Third, seize every opportunity to enhance Taiwan’s international exposure, a bit of international heat.The DPP, bent on “seeking independence”, always wants to make some noise in the international community, seeking to increase Taiwan’s exposure and heat.The Ukraine crisis has given it a voice.Fourth, we appealed to the United States for help.China’s military aircraft regularly fly around Taiwan for combat readiness, which makes the Tsai Ing-wen administration feel crisis and unprecedented pressure.By focusing on the Ukraine crisis, the Tsai administration aims to appeal to the United States, beg for “assistance”, and hope that the United States will pay more attention to the current crisis across the Taiwan Strait, support Taiwan, confront the mainland, and embolden its “backing”.The Ukraine crisis is the USE of Ukraine by the US and Europe to contain Russia, while the Taiwan crisis is the use of Taiwan by the US to suppress mainland China.Both Ukraine and Taiwan are just “cards” and “pawns” played by the US and Europe for their own strategic interests.And as a “pawn” role to talk about how to expect more from the master?The similarity between the Ukraine crisis and the Taiwan Strait crisis is that they are willing to be a pawn of the United States and engage in confrontation with it.The biggest difference is that the Ukraine crisis is a contradiction between countries, while the Taiwan Strait crisis is a contradiction within China, which has a fundamental difference.The current crisis across the Taiwan Straits is entirely created by the democratic Progressive Party (DPP) authorities seeking “Taiwan independence”, and the responsibility lies entirely with the DPP authorities.Without the DEMOCRATIC Progressive Party’s “leaning on the United States and seeking independence”, there would have been no PLA military aircraft flying around the island, let alone the current dangerous situation of war across the Straits.Consider that during ma Ying-jeou’s eight years in power, PLA military planes flew around the island?No.Instead of focusing on the distant Ukraine crisis and worrying about it, the Tsai administration should focus on resolving the crisis across the Taiwan Strait.As the saying goes, the bell must be tied.To resolve the crisis across the Taiwan Straits, the Tsai administration needs to correct the wrong path of “Taiwan independence” and return to the right track of the 1992 Consensus. There is no other way.Source: Huaxia Jingwei Network