A farmer in Heilongjiang province poisoned 6 cows, even if people have conflicts, as for the year of the tiger harm cattle?

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On the first day of the first lunar month, six cows were poisoned to death at a farmer’s house in Harbin, Heilongjiang province, causing a loss of nearly 150,000 yuan, Jimu News reported.Local police are investigating a power outage that prevented surveillance from working properly.In view of this matter, some netizens say that it should be jealousy of peers.Others commented that the move may have been the work of cattle traders who wanted to buy cattle but failed to achieve their goal and became resentful.No matter what the reason, the ox is innocent, the Year of the Tiger Spring Festival to do such evil, not afraid of retribution?Besides, these 6 cows are cows, is the farmers nai to livelihood of the capital, how to live by poison?As the saying goes, injustice has the head debt has the owner, if there is really a contradiction, can completely open up, face to face to talk about the matter, there is no need to do this harm.What is especially hateful is that this act was a deliberate and carefully planned event.Because they know that farmers have installed monitoring facilities in their homes, afraid of being recorded when poisoning, so they also cut off the power supply in advance, resulting in the normal operation of monitoring.Xiaobian believes that both peers, or farmers, are businessmen.Since you are a businessman, you should have a businessman’s mind and be friendly to make money. Today you hurt me, tomorrow I hurt you. Can this business be bigger, stronger and prosperous?The answer, of course, is no.Of course, it is also suggested to strengthen the unified planning of the local and rural cattle raising industry. If conditions allow, cattle raising associations can be established to integrate the resources of farmers and operate in the mode of professional companies, so as to avoid vicious competition.At the same time, in rural areas should also be installed constantly electricity monitoring facilities, round-the-clock, wide area monitoring, found any illegal behavior in a timely manner, to create a harmonious and stable rural production and living environment, for farmers to create conditions for entrepreneurship and prosperity.In addition, local insurance companies can also timely launch insurance business for livestock according to the situation of farmers, cooperate with safety precautions, effectively reduce breeding risks, and let villagers walk on the road to wealth without worry.Of course, these are only suggestions and may not be mature and feasible. Experts and scholars are welcome to offer their insights.Short words, enough.About this matter, what do you think, welcome message exchange.(Author: Short words) // Finish //