First 10 million yuan!”Colorful Cloud Kunming consumption coupons” will be issued on February 3

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Spring to send blessings cloud submitted to the client for the fans to limited limited section covers all quick to receive the good news first “cloud to kunming vouchers” come on Feb. 3 at 12 noon on the first 10 million yuan on the amount of the current location for kunming can claim and can overlay with merchant offers to use the coupons on the amount of 10 million yuan including food and beverageValid for 10 days (12:00 on February 3 to 24:00 on February 12) geographical location: Kunming can apply for consumption coupons. This group of consumption coupons are available to permanent residents of Kunming and people working, studying and sightseeing in Kunming.If the current geographical location is Located in Kunming, you can apply for consumer coupons (the identification is based on the location of the mobile phone number of the coupon and the positioning information of the coupon and verification);The scope of use is mainly for retail enterprises and accommodation, catering and other units during holidays, and the specific list will be published after approval by the relevant municipal departments;The release platform is Yunnan Branch of China UnionPay Co., LTD. (FLASH payment APP), and consumers can get it through flash payment APP. Within the coupon period, users can only get one voucher for each of the three categories.Consumption vouchers can be superimposed with business discounts after the successful use of consumption vouchers, can participate in the activity of the business offline (physical store) consumption, consumption vouchers take effect on the day, overdue consumption automatically invalid;Only one consumption coupon can be used for each transaction. Accommodation, food, gas and other general coupons are not used together.Other universal vouchers cannot be used for accommodation, meals and gas.When the consumption voucher is used, it can be superimposed with the merchant discount.Problems occur in the process of use such complaints kunming City Bureau of Commerce related staff remind, such as problems occur in the process of use, citizens and businesses can be complained through 12345 hotline, through cloud flash pay national unified customer service 95516 complaints, consultation.Cloud News client reporter: Zhang Yanqun Rector: Zheng Haiyan