How does Zhang Yimou rate the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics?He gave the figure at a press conference

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Zheng Mengying, special correspondent of Zhejiang News client, introduced the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympic Games at a press conference held in the spring Hall of the main press conference hall of the main media Center of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games on the morning of February 5th. Zhang Yimou, general director of the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, attended the press conference.Zhejiang news client special correspondent came to the scene.”How would director Zhang Yimou rate the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics?”When asked about this by a reporter, Zhang, who spoke to the audience via video link, laughed.As a creator, I’m usually very hard on myself and don’t necessarily score very high.But this opening ceremony, for the team and the presentation of the opening ceremony, I give 100 points.There’s a director sitting here with a whole team behind him.It was the hard work and creativity of countless people that made last night’s opening ceremony possible.””The biggest feature of the opening ceremony is innovation,” Zhang said.He revealed at the press conference that the huge LED screen that the audience saw in the opening ceremony TV screen is actually a super large broadcasting system, because the picture quality is very high, the audience may not find that the screen is actually divided into four Windows.”Behind this is the control of the system over the entire LED screen, which is the key technology.In addition, there are a lot of important technologies involved, including the lifting of ice rings and ‘building a snowflake.'””This opening ceremony, it’s not the biggest, it’s not the most performances, but it’s a lot of creativity.”Zhang said that these creative ideas focus on the warmth of human beings in the face of difficult times and the courage to face the future together.In addition, Zhang Yimou introduced yesterday’s opening ceremony, the most wanted to highlight the athletes group.”We have given the most space and the most time to the athletes to express themselves and embody the Olympic spirit, and the minimalist approach is for other aspects such as the performance flow.”When asked where ideas come from, Zhang said, ‘Ordinary people are the source of ideas.’Everything from the pre-ceremony performances, to passing the national flag into the stadium, to paying tribute to the people.”Most of the participants are ordinary students and ordinary citizens.I’m sure it’s very rare for a major event around the world to not use professional artists, professional actors, so I’m glad we were able to do this.”He said.For example, Zhang yimou said, “I like one of the short films very much. Many cute children fall down and then get up and go skating. I think it’s so cute.This, he says, is the expression for “bringing ice and snow to 300 million people”.Now, in China, more and more children and more and more people participate in ice and snow sports.”It’s a lot like the way we humans move forward, falling down and getting up, falling down and getting up again, moving happily and finally performing at our best.It’s only a minute and a half long, but I’ve watched it many, many times, and it’s always moving and warm.””The Bird’s Nest is the only double Olympic stadium, and we wanted to make it a moment of history. We hope that moment will be a highlight.”