In 1975, Huang Zhen applied to the central government to resign, deng Xiaoping said: let him return to the army as deputy chief of the general staff

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Deng Xiaoping and Huang Zhen, one is a great man of the generation, the other is a famous general and diplomat.They forged a profound revolutionary friendship during the revolutionary years of more than half a century, from the long March to the new journey of reform and opening up.Huang Zhen in 1930, Huang Zhen joined Feng Yuxiang’s army, because he had studied fine arts in Shanghai academy of Fine Arts, and when a middle school teacher, so directly appointed as the artillery division lieutenant staff.After the Central Plains war, the northwest army remnants were incorporated into the 26th Route Army by Chiang Kai-shek, Huang Zhen transferred to the 26th Route Army pistol brigade political training office major officer.In March 1931, Chiang Kai-shek drove the 26th Route Army to Jiangxi to “encircle and suppress” the Red Army.Under the influence of the Communist Party of China, on December 14 of the same year, Huang Zhen announced an uprising with the soldiers of the 26th Route Army in Ningdu, Jiangxi province, and officially became a member of the People’s Army.In October 1934, Huang Zhen joined the Long March with the main force of the Central Red Army and served as the chief of the Propaganda department of the political Department directly under the Central Military Commission. He got along with Deng Xiaoping, then the propaganda director of the Political department of the First Red Army Corps, day and night on the way of the Long March. They shared joys and hardships and took pains as pleasure, officially beginning their 50-year friendship.Before the Red Army crossed the grassland, the political department stipulated that each person must raise enough food for five steamed buns a day, without exception.One day, Huang Zhen and Li Bozhao and others in the river washing grain, picked up the river floating wheat, made several steamed buns, not to the public.Later, other comrades reported the matter to the comrades in charge of food.Comrades in charge of grain criticized Huang Zhen and Li Bozhao: “No matter how you got the wheat grains, now that they are steamed, you should hand them over to the public and not keep them privately.”Huang Zhen and Li Bozhao had to do a few more steamed bread handed out, but Li Bozhao was not too happy, sitting on the ground sulking.At that moment, Deng Xiaoping came in carrying a small cloth bag and sat down on the bed. He slowly took out several steamed buns from his pocket and gave them to Li Bozhao, saying, “You are hungry. Here you are!”Li Bozhao said, “NO, you can keep it for yourself.”Deng Xiaoping hurriedly said: “THIS is my gift to you, don’t you return.”Li Bozhao took the steamed bun, the in the mind suddenly an acid, rumbling rumbling tears straight down, she moved to Huang Zhen said: “Xiaoping comrade good, in difficult time so concerned about people, how commendable ah!”Huang Zhen said, “Minister Deng is afraid that we will be criticized. He can’t stand it. He is so careful!”One night, while crossing the meadow, the wind was biting, and suddenly it began to rain cats and dogs.Holding a broken umbrella and wearing only an old unlined jacket, Huang sat huddled on higher ground, shivering with cold.After Deng Xiaoping saw this, he asked with concern, “Oh, how can this be done?”He gave him one of his blankets to keep out the cold.Huang Zhen hurriedly refused to say: “I don’t want, you keep to use.”Deng said, “That’s all right. I have my coat.”Huang Zhen accepted Deng Xiaoping’s military blanket, a warm current surged up in his heart, and the night was not so cold.The next day, huang zhen returned his blanket to Deng Xiaoping. Deng replied, “You can keep it.”In his later years, Huang Zhen was still obsessed with deng Xiaoping’s gift of military blankets.After the Anti-Japanese War broke out, Deng Xiaoping took over as political commissary of the 129th Division of the Eighth Route Army in January 1938. Huang Zhen was also transferred to the deputy director of the political Department of the 129th Division in May 1940 and began to work directly under Deng Xiaoping.In September 1941, the 129th Division decided to hold the whole division movement conference, the conference opened for 10 days, every night to perform the program, Huang Zhen threw himself into the preparation work of the performance, he used his art foundation, painting MAO Zedong, Zhu De, Peng Dehuai, Liu Bocheng, Deng Xiaoping’s huge portrait.The performance began that day, Peng Dehuai, Zuo Quan, Luo Ruiqing and others came to observe, we saw Huang Zhen’s painting, have said good, Peng Dehuai pointed to Huang Zhen said: “they have a professional painter here!”Huang Zhen said modestly, “It is everyone’s painting.”On December 6, 1942, Deng Xiaoping came to Huang Zhen and said, “You, a great painter, are in need of something.You know what?This year is Mr. Liu’s fiftieth birthday, we plan, well for his birthday!”Huang Zhen asked with concern, “Will Liu agree?”In Huangzhen Deng Xiaoping said with a smile, “This time it is the central government’s order to hold a meeting of ten thousand people in our Taihang Mountain base to celebrate Mr. Liu’s birthday.It’s called a political celebration. It’s to build up my strength.”Huang Zhen immediately understood deng Xiaoping’s meaning, he decided to give Liu Bocheng a picture of the three friends of cold, because he felt that Liu’s high character and perseverance of the revolutionary will, such as the three friends of cold, regardless of the bitter wind and frost in the winter months, has always stood proudly.After finishing the painting, Huang Zhen took advantage of the opportunity to write three poems, one of which is like this: Zhi jian and iron stone, all one’s life can only move forward.Hard what to plan, xu Huai kui young.Huang Zhen finished the painting, because he could not find the paper to frame the picture, he had to frame the birthday picture on a door panel.After seeing Huang zhen’s painting, Deng Xiaoping was very satisfied and praised him, saying, “Get it, get it!”On deng Xiaoping’s birthday, huang Zhen’s birthday picture fully demonstrated Liu Bocheng’s revolutionary spirit and noble quality, and received unanimous praise from the participants.During the Taihang Mountain period, Deng Xiaoping also took good care of Huangzhen in life.At that time, the taihang Mountain environment was harsh, especially in the humid summer.Deng Xiaoping has a bamboo fan, very elegant and practical, Huang Zhen is very envious.Deng xiaoping asked his guards to weave two more bamboo fans for Huang zhen and his wife. After receiving the fans, Huang Zhen and his wife cherish them very much. Later, to use them for a long time, they sewed the cornice of the fans with cloth and fixed the handles with iron wire.After the founding of new China, Huang Zhen worked on the diplomatic front for a long time.On June 2, 1964, Huang Zhen arrived in Paris and took up the post of ambassador to France.After arriving in Paris, one thing was always on his mind: to visit the place where Zhou Enlai, Deng Xiaoping and Chen Yi worked and studied in France.Later, Accompanied by comrades from the Embassy, Huang Zhen visited Renault Motor Company. Comrades from the Embassy introduced that Deng Xiaoping had worked in this factory as a fitter apprentice in June 1923.After hearing this, Huang Zhen felt deeply and said: “Comrade Xiaoping told me about their study in France on the long March, but I didn’t expect that the factory is still there.Hurry up and look in the files and see if there’s anything on them.”Later, with the help of the French diplomatic department, the comrades in the embassy found deng Xiaoping’s work card, which also had a photo of Deng when he was 19 years old, with the numbers 89409A under the photo, which should be his work number.These historical materials played a very helpful role in the later study of Deng Xiaoping’s life.In 1975, Huang Zhen, then the head of China’s liaison office in the United States, felt so depressed that he submitted his resignation to the central government.When Foreign Minister Qiao Guanhua saw the resignation, he was so surprised that he had to report it to Deng Xiaoping, who was in charge of The State Council.After reading the letter of resignation, Deng Xiaoping said slowly, “If the Foreign Ministry cannot accommodate such a veteran cadre as Huang Zhen, I will ask him to return to the army as deputy chief of the general Staff.”Deng Xiaoping finally deng Xiaoping in order to comfort Huang Zhen, personally call back to him: Huang Zhen comrade, your call received.You are about to go to the west to meet Nixon. Kissinger and Ford have tentatively decided to visit each other before the end of the year.There are too many things to consider a transfer.At home, we can take advantage of Kissinger and Ford’s visit to return to China to discuss this matter…After receiving Deng Xiaoping’s telegram, Huang Zhen felt much better and continued to work at ease.In August 1977, Huang zhen participated in the 11th CPC National Congress as a member of the tenth CPC Central Committee and continued to be elected as a member of the CPC Central Committee.He was even more pleased that Deng Had been reinstated to party and internal functions at the third plenum of the 10th Communist Party Congress in July, at which he was re-elected as vice-chairman.After Deng Xiaoping came back, he volunteered to be in charge of science education.He attached great importance to cultural construction and thought that the Ministry of Culture needed a leader with both qualifications and cultural literacy to manage it. He once again thought of huang Zhen, an old comrade-in-arms who had been engaged in cultural work for a long time during the war.When Huang Zhen returned from his post as director of the Liaison Office in the United States, Deng Asked Li Xiannian to talk to him. “Come to the Ministry of Culture,” Li said.Li Xiannian reluctantly said: “I have been engaged in diplomatic work since the founding of the People’s Republic of China, and I have long been out of practice in cultural work.Let other comrades do it!”Li Xiannian advised him, “You are the only veteran cadre who understands culture. One veteran is worth three.”Huang Zhen finally agreed: “Good, I do!Let’s make another long march.If I’m going to do it, I have to do it fast.I won’t be tied up!”On December 13, 1977, Huang Zhen was officially appointed as the first Deputy Minister of the Propaganda Department of the Central Committee and the Minister of Culture.When he took office, instead of rhetoric, he went from office to office, believing that what he needed was action.After serious investigation, Huang Zhen decided to solve several major issues: 1. Rectify the team;2. Grasp the ideological disorder;3. Rectify order and carry out business;Implement the “double Hundred” policy and foster a new atmosphere of democracy, unity, hard work and dedication.After a period of rectification, Huang zhen and his wife Zhu Lin have made great changes in the work of the Ministry of Culture.On August 19, 1978, when Huang Zhen reported his work to Deng Xiaoping, Deng Xiaoping said with satisfaction: “Very well, the Ministry of Culture has not fallen behind.But the Ministry of Culture is the hardest hit, and there is still a lot to do!””We have been planning for several years,” Huang said. “We have to work on it.”Deng Xiaoping nodded and said, “If we follow this plan and make a plan for several years to arouse enthusiasm, it will only take two or three years to produce results.The novels now on my bookshelf are dry and unreadable, and I know the beginning and the end when I see it;It is the same with movies.””We plan to screen one old film and one foreign film a week until next month, and try to screen one or two new films. We try to screen two or three Peking Opera and local opera films a month,” huang said. “I’m afraid we won’t be able to finish the 46 we plan to shoot this year.Those who are fashionable will not let go.”Deng Xiaoping said with satisfaction, “It seems that there is some hope in the reorganization of your ministry of Culture.If cultural work is to develop, there will surely be some new characters!”In September 1980, at the age of 71, Huang zhen volunteered to Deng Xiaoping: “I have passed the age of 70. Cadres are getting younger, and I would like to retire to the second tier.”Huang zhen and his wife, Zhu Lin deng Xiaoping, agreed, saying, “I will give you a consultative job.”In December of that year, China resumed its cultural liaison with foreign countries, and Huang Zhen was appointed director of the Committee.In September 1982, Huang Zhen participated in the party’s “twelfth Congress”, he wrote a poem to praise the congress with excitement: the third plenary Session of the chapter, the twelfth Congress to open the spirit.New good news spread everywhere, we all praise the central.At the 12th National Congress, Huang Zhen was elected a member of the Central Advisory Committee and officially retired from the second line.In September 1985, he was co-elected to the Standing Committee of the Central Advisory Committee.In accordance with relevant regulations of the CPC Central Committee, “the political and material treatment of members of the STANDING Committee of the CPC Central Committee is the same as that of members of the Political Bureau.”This also fully shows that the central leadership collective represented by Deng Xiaoping fully affirms huang Zhen’s work since the revolution.After huang Zhen retired, he had more time to paint and write reminiscence articles.In March 1984, he gave zhuo Lin a painting of Jinsong, which he and his wife Zhu Lin painted in their names.In August of that year, coincing with Deng Xiaoping’s 80th birthday, Huang Zhen carefully painted a picture of a Pine Eagle for him. In the picture, on the top of a gnarled and powerful ancient pine tree, an eagle looks down on the world and wants to take off with wings.This painting fully shows Huang Zhen’s respect for Deng Xiaoping.On December 10, 1989, Huang Zhen died at the age of 80 due to a medical accident during an ordinary prostate surgery.When Deng Xiaoping heard the sad news, he was very sad and repeatedly said: “What a pity!What a pity!”He personally commissioned Zhuo Lin to take several children to visit Huang Zhen’s wife Zhu Lin and bid farewell to Huang Zhen.After the publication of Huang zhen’s literary biography on Nov. 3, 1990, Deng Xiaoping personally wrote the title of the book, “General Unashamed Mission.”These two great men are dead now, but their revolutionary friendship will live on forever!