Is the loose and heavy strength of Taijiquan practiced in this way?Have benefited a lot from

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Relaxation is to loose, loose, loose gas, loose form.Loose means loose exhibition, loose soft, loose heavy, loose pass, loose empty, loose.And can not be lax, loose.Be sure to loose in the quiet, quiet in the loose, sinking in the loose, sinking in the loose, loose thoroughly, to a loose to the end.Gradually achieve through, air, open.Through is up and down, inside and outside, empty is empty, without a trace of stagnation point, people in the gas, gas in the people, at this time also understand what is really open.1, when doing the action, do not end the shoulder, that is, when doing the action to maximize the shoulder to maintain a high degree of relaxation when standing naturally.Action is slow, such as silk, although moving you static.Slow to check the shoulder and arm state at any time (are not allowed to strain).3, in addition to the special requirements of the action, in general, the height of the elbow must be lower than the wrist (with the wrist to take up the arm, as if there is a rope to hang the wrist, the elbow and shoulder fall down, but then follow up).4, waist and hip relaxation must be established on the basis of zhongzheng Anshu.The upper body is naturally straight and upright.5, and do the action, grasp the best “loose comfortable point”, such as do action “box”, keeping body movements, his hips can turn to the left and right, look for which one place waist don’t feel hard, where the waist across not at odds, which place is the most natural and comfortable, find the point, after doing action is directly to do on this point.Knees in any case not straight, also want to relax.7, the arm is not hard for a long time, the natural weight of the arm will make the arm have a sense of weight down, with this sense of weight, is the feeling of the arm, the feeling of the arm is the feeling of the arm.Loose sink strength out of practice, other strength will naturally come out.Loose heavy strength is gradually practice out, personal experience is from up to down practice out, first practice the loose shoulder drop elbow, the loose shoulder drop elbow hold, and then the waist cross loose heavy practice out.You may have a question, is not to force to lift the arm, can not force to lift?Can.It’s not the muscles, it’s the ligaments between the joints.Actually, shoulder drop elbow, back across goal is to come loose practice have to loosen the body joints, joint ligaments stretch, make blood successively, ligament long, loose from the sink strength is, the longer it is very important, capability in this completely, the results of the whole body relaxes the practice work practice is the body’s joint, will build the whole spring,This strength has a penetrating force, which is the internal force of Taijiquan.Again, simplified Tai Chi is hard to develop real kung fu.