China Eastern Airbus A330 has arrived in Mumbai, India after flying 5,113 kilometers from Shanghai

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China Eastern Airlines Flight MU7117 took off from Shanghai Pudong International Airport (PVG)35R at 3:24 Beijing time on February 7 and arrived at Chhatrapati, Mumbai, at 11:12 Beijing time after a flight of 7 hours and 48 minutes.Shiva International Airport (BOM).This is a 6.7 years old China Eastern A330-243E wide-body aircraft with serial number B5975.The plane’s flight from Shanghai to Mumbai will be explained in detail below.The plane departed From Chhatrapati, Mumbai at around 14:00 Beijing time on February 7.Shiva International Airport took off again and flew back to Shanghai Pudong International Airport.The return flight no. MU7118 is expected to arrive at Shanghai Pudong Airport in the evening of February 7, Beijing time.The return plane will encounter tailwinds high up in the air, reducing flight time.The inbound plane flies to Mumbai almost empty except for the crew and the return plane carries passengers.The a330-243E has a maximum range of 13,400 km, so the shanghai-Mumbai flight distance is just over 5,000 km, so the A330-243E is a breeze.In the early morning of February 7th, China Eastern Airlines Flight MU7117 was parked at T1 of Pudong Airport. The plane was about to take off for Chhatrapati, Mumbai, India, which is more than 5,000 kilometers away.Shiva International Airport.After the crew of flight MU7117 completed pre-departure checklist procedures and other pre-flight preparations.Flight attendant closes aircraft door, pilot requests clearance, East 7117 type 330, requests clearance to Chhatrapati mumbai.Shiva Airport.Pudong airport clearance control approves aircraft clearance for Chhatrapati mumbai.Shiva, expect takeoff on runway 35R.After getting clearance, the pilot contacted the ground of the airport to request to push out and start, and the ground control agreed to push out and start.Then the ground maintenance of Pudong Airport to the plane to remove wheel gear, the pilot lifted the brake.Flight MU7117 was slowly pushed from the stand by airport ground tractor, with the pilot firing two Trent700 turbofan engines.After the aircraft was fully pushed out, the tractor was removed, and when it was ready, the pilot of FLIGHT MU7117 requested taxi.Ground control granted permission to taxi, and the crew began taxiing off runway 35R. The pilot then contacted the airport tower, which gave the final take-off instruction.3:24. Pudong Airport tower approved flight MU7117 to taxi into runway 35R and take off. Then the plane began to speed up and run on the runway. After accelerating to VR speed, the pilot pulled the lever and lifted the wheel.The aircraft climbed to an altitude of 10,393 meters, approximately 34,000 feet, flying at a speed of 629 kilometers per hour and heading 276°.The plane had already left Shanghai and was cruising over Taizhou, Jiangsu province.At 3:47~ 4:00, the plane flew for 13 minutes at an altitude of 10393 meters.Flight MU7117 was then asked to climb.At 4:09, the plane climbed to 11,612 meters, or about 38,000 feet.The plane was flying at a speed of 564 kilometers per hour over the city of Chaohu in Anhui province.At this time, the plane is in the altitude of ten thousand meters, the air is thin, the resistance is small, in the cruise flight stage.From 4:09 to 6:11 p.m., flight MU7117 was flying steadily on autopilot at an altitude of 3,800 feet, increasing its speed.From more than 500 kilometers per hour to nearly 700 kilometers per hour.At 6:11, MU7117 is over Bijie city, Guizhou Province.Then the plane flying altitude changes, the plane began to lose altitude.At 6:16, the plane descended to 11,003 meters, an altitude of approximately 36,000 feet.The plane flew at an altitude of 11,003 meters for 44 minutes from 6:16 to 7 a.m., then descended again to 10,972 meters.The plane will leave Yunnan in about 25 minutes and enter Myanmar airspace.Flight MU7117 flew at an altitude of 10,972 meters for 3 hours and 47 minutes from 7:00 to 10:47 and its speed increased to 790 km/h at 10:47 at Chhatrapati, Mumbai.Northeast of Shiva International Airport.At 10:48, the aircraft began to lose altitude and slow down, entering the landing phase.The rate of descent was relatively high and the plane landed in Chhatrapati mumbai 24 minutes later.Shiva International Airport.Flight MU7117 from Shanghai to Mumbai Flight MU7117 took off from The 35R runway of Pudong Airport with the nose facing northwest. The plane passed Nantong, Taizhou, Zhenjiang and Nanjing before entering Anhui.After crossing Anhui province from west to east, the plane entered Hubei Province, passing over Wuhan City, and leaving Hubei Province, the plane passed over northwestern Hunan Province.The plane then crossed guizhou and Yunnan provinces from northeast to southwest before entering Myanmar.After passing through Myanmar, the plane entered India and then Bangladesh.After crossing Bangladesh, the plane flew east to west across central India before arriving in Mumbai, a city on India’s west coast.MU7117 Shanghai-Mumbai first half air route MU7117 Shanghai-Mumbai second half air route This flight is operated by Airbus A330-243E. The following are the relevant data parameters of Airbus A330-243E for your reference.Range: 13,400km Standard seating: 246 (Class 2 cabin) Maximum carrying capacity: 36.4t Wingspan: 60.30m Total length: 58.82m Height: 17.39m Fuselage width: 5.64m Maximum cabin width: 5.28m Maximum speed: 0.86 Mach Engine:Two PW4170 or CF6-80E1 or Trent 700 turbofan engines.