Hubei province civil servant registration process and bareheaded certificate photo processing audit method

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The registration for the 2022 Hubei Provincial civil servant exam has officially started on February 19, with a total of 9545 civil servants recruited this time. The following is a brief introduction to the procedures and photo processing methods to help you complete the registration smoothly.Hubei province civil servant examination registration unified online registration, entry for hubei personnel network civil servant examination registration platform.Click the “Exam registration” in the top column, and then select “Hubei Province Civil Servant Recruitment exam registration” to enter the registration platform.After registering your account and logging in to the registration system, upload the electronic version of your registration photo first.After the examination, you can fill in the basic personal information, after selecting the post, you can complete the registration.Photos that meet the audit requirements should be larger than or equal to 295 pixels wide and 413 pixels high, with a photo file larger than 30KB and a blue background.Secondly, the photos must be approved by the photo review tool (click download), and the approved photos are about 10K in size.The photo audit processing tool needs to be downloaded and run on the computer, open the photos that meet the audit requirements, and save them to upload and pass the audit.Two, Hubei province civil servant registration photo processing (compression, cutting change background color) mobile phone wechat client program found, began to make photos.Enter the test keywords “Hubei Province examination civil servant registration” query size make photos upload prepared photos, support any size id photos, life photos, self-photos, but do not recommend the use of retaken photos.Adjust the size and position to the middle of the cutting template, paying attention to proportion and overhead space.Preview the photos, so that a meeting the requirements of the electronic version of the id photo is made, please extract the photos on the computer side, and then use the photo audit tool to review the photos and upload oh ~