Science practice courses in primary and secondary schools help online classes “double reduction”

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Online teaching in primary and secondary schools will not be reduced.On July 7, the reporter learned from the primary and secondary schools in Zhuhai that during the period of online study at home, the schools have carried out online classes featuring scientific practice to help implement the “double reduction” policy of online classes.Recently, Lishan District China Primary School experimental School used Tencent conference to give students a unique home characteristics of the online class.Teachers walk into the studio to demonstrate small science experiments online and guide students at home.Students transform themselves into little “experimenters” and broadcast their experiments live.Students in class 2 of the school displayed 10 scientific experiments online, including magic thin paper water cups, floating eggs and visible sounds. The students explored scientific knowledge and enjoyed scientific experiments online.Teachers from the science group of Chenguang Primary School in Lishan District have customized an online teaching activity called “online science class, Home Fun” for students who stay at home.They will be interesting small handwork, small hands-on experiments and other content moved online, organize students to learn science classes online, and follow the class after class exercises, serious hands-on experiments, so that children can easily experience popular science activities at home.In order to implement the “double reduction” policy, improve the happiness of students studying at home, and stimulate students’ interest in learning science, loving science and using science, Tiexi Public Welfare Primary School launched the campus Science week with the theme of “technology, Experience, innovation and growth”, skillfully combining experimental inquiry with life practice.Science week activities are rich in content, including reading popular science, drawing science tabloids and science fantasy pictures, so that students can share what they have learned from reading popular science.There are also scientific mini-experiments on the subject of “motion of objects”.Students began to operate the slope movement, roller coaster rolling ball and other experiments, they carefully observe the movement of objects, rolling, linear movement and curve movement phenomenon, fully mobilize the students’ thinking and practical ability, cultivate their interest in exploring science.Yifu Primary School in Tiexi District carried out a practice course themed “home-bred silkworm young expert, feeling the joy of labor”, allowing students to personally experience the process of sericulture and experience the fun of hands-on practice and scientific inquiry.The students set up a “room” for the silkworm babies at home and observed and recorded them while breeding.Some students also use photos, painting, writing diaries to record the silkworm growth of the various stages of change.Through the record, the students were pleasantly surprised to find that the size of the silkworm, the color of the body and the shape of the silkworm are constantly changing. By personally taking care of the “silkworm baby” growing up, they harvested scientific knowledge and also experienced the joy of labor.Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: