Xincheng County, Guangxi Province: self-restraint good family style to build a solid clean defense line

2022-07-16 0 By

“In the future, I will continue to do my own business, support my wife’s work, give full play to the positive role of family in the construction of clean government, let the light of incorruptibility illuminate the family, enrich life with career, let the family stability and happiness…”This is xincheng county a leading cadre of family members in the county family style construction symposium on the speech.February 22, Xincheng county held a leading cadres family style construction symposium, four county leaders, the main leadership of the township party and government, some of the main leaders of the county departments and their families at the meeting together to watch the “family style is not straight beget disaster incorruptly inherited family hui long” educational warning film, signed the family to help the icac commitment;At the same time, they also received a special gift from the county commission for Discipline Inspection – Xincheng county leading cadres family construction reader “family”.The reader is compiled by the Communist Party of China Xincheng County Committee, pay attention to the combination of positive guidance and negative warning, pay equal attention to the principle, illustrated, on the construction of family style has a good guiding role.In recent years, Xincheng County attaches great importance to the construction of family style, starting from strengthening the construction of clean government culture, through telling good family style stories, promoting family style and family training, grasping the real family style education, education and guide the county party cadres and their family members to cultivate integrity, integrity and integrity of the family style to cultivate the clean party style and government style.(Feng Junming)