Young, with white hair?2 herbs, nourish kidney essence, cool blood heat, make you black hair and black hair

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This one, but the elderly, developing grey hair is a normal physiological phenomenon, but in today’s society, white hair is more than the old trouble, for some very young people, is also a big trouble, very affect their own level of appearance, very is let a person look old, that why some people age gently is long white hair?Think on traditional Chinese medicine grew white hair early because of the liver kidney deficiency of the body, be caused by insufficiency of fine blood, why say so?Because our kidney is the foundation of the body of congenital, day to day operation and work like a battery, someday run out of battery, as the day by day and also our kidney essence loss and deficiency, hair for kidney of China, Chinese medicine thinks, the hair is kidney bad appearance, while our liver to blood, because the liver stores blood, liver blood enough,Our hair can get well, moisten the liver blood deficiency, however, the liver can appear blood heat, blood deficiency, then we won’t get blood hair moisten, thus will lose luster, become dry white, but these problems often tell us the usual lifestyle and eating habits of the intimate contact.Today I would like to share with you two traditional Chinese medicine that can nourish kidney essence, cool liver and blood, black hair, ligustrum lucidum and Lotus.Let’s take a look at this ligustrum lucidum, it is a tonic medicine, sweet and bitter taste, cool, into the liver and kidney two meridians, can play the role of tonifying the liver and kidney, black hair, clear heat deficiency, for some liver and kidney deficiency caused by early white hair, dizziness, waist and knee pain soft crowd has a good improvement.It is recorded in “Materia medica Meng quan” that liguzhen zi has black hair and beard, strong tendon and good effect of nourishing blood and dispelling wind.Take a look at this lotus, it is a sweet medicinal material, like ligustrum lucidum, the nature is a little cold, into the liver and kidney, can play a role of nourishing liver and kidney, cool blood hemostasis, for some loose teeth, early white hair, Yin deficiency and blood heat of the crowd has a good effect.In “Materia Medica Huiyan” records cover hair and beard easy white, clear blood deficiency with heat, teeth are not solid.Above two kinds of collocation are together, kidney essence, repair the liver blood, cold hot blood, and take the kidney essence of liver blood supply, make the hair get moisten, put the gas of the liver blood and internal cleaning solution, so that both, qing, on the hair is naturally dark bright, if there are such people around you, hide it, might as well look for TCM syndrome differentiation.