How to get housework happiness through renunciation?

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Hello, everyone, happy Lantern Festival.Housework is an unavoidable topic in everyone’s life. Is it a bother for you to do housework?Do you often feel overwhelmed by a mountain of chores?If the answer is yes, then the housework chapter in Danshari 3 May provide a solution for you.In the section on housework, Yamashita emphasizes, “No chore is ever done properly when aggregated, and no chore is ever done properly when postponed.So do not have to do later is equal to “focus on doing” thinking, a lot of time is because of the amount, so you are tired of doing housework, because the power of accumulation is strong.At the same time, priority should be given to “steps” rather than the path of activity, because it equals energy.Among them, Yamashita shares the five principles of Tanshari, the first of which is the rule of three in the storage guide (get rid of “things that are garbage in every way;Take “self and time” as the benchmark of judgment, consider the “correlation degree” between oneself and articles, and then make trade-offs;”Necessary, proper, and pleasant”), the 7/5/1 principle, the one out,one in principle, the One Touch method and the principles of self-reliance, freedom, and ease, all of which are vividly combined through a few common scenarios in housework.The ones that have particularly influenced me are the 7/5/1 rule and the 1touch and 1 out 1 in rule.I believe that many people’s space is hiding a lot of “invisible uncle”, those things you have bought but forget, then to solve this problem, you can adopt the 7/5/1/ principle, such as closets, closet drawers and other closed door can not see the amount of clutter in the storage space accounted for 70% of the overall space.Divide the thing of the kitchen for instance “food material”, “arrange appliance” “tableware” compress 7 become that receive a space, wait for the bowl chopsticks that takes vitreous door to wear or ambry to close the door the sundry quantity that still sees receive a space to occupy integral space 5 become.The amount of sundry that the place that puts on the level face that resembles porch shoe ark or ambry classy receives a space basically holds integral space 1 become.And especially the One in the total limit method touch method (open the door, and back to compress action into the two, one-click out), rather than a priority steps moving route can be very good to save energy and time, such as use some lidless box, at the same time given to professionals to do the maintenance, such as air conditioning, etc.Like before particularly wedded to their clothing, and qualified sundry, total amount for clothes hangers to particularly big inspiration to me, is an empty hangers can buy a dress of signal, at the same time receive can refer to the left chest work clothes, put on the right clothes to wear at ordinary times, about classification, don’t hang clothes in the middle, empty, specializes in dressing corner tomorrow.The space of the whole wardrobe becomes instantly spacious and adjusts the clothes according to your preferences, you will find it is a very happy thing.03 compared to minimalism, break from is reserved items on the premise of give up things that oneself like, really want to find his life, it focuses on “space”, i.e., according to the space as the main body of the core thinking mode, from the items in the shaft axis into space, through the field, space and time to do break from, whether you need this thing for me now,Does it please me?Not in the future or the past.Most of the time we can’t let go because we haven’t considered the change in our life.Danshari is a lifelong thing, and only when you practice it will you find its charm. I hope you won’t have any worries when you tidy up your housework next time, but can find a better space for yourself and your family.I am the sun, spring, summer, autumn and winter, and you meet in the book.