Overnight key news summary!New Year’s day,

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China’s Caixin manufacturing PMI came in at 49.1 in January versus 50.4 exp. 50.9 previously.The figure is back below 50, indicating that the economy has entered a downturn and small and medium-sized enterprises are having a hard time.Stimulus policies need to be increased!2, liquor sales survey before the festival: this year slightly “flat” peak season remember, that after the festival price selling pressure is very big.Many wine enterprises before the festival price “irrational”, after the festival does not fall is a good thing.Liquor plate is more and more dangerous feeling, a lot of wine is not consumed away, but given financial attributes to be collected.In the third week of January 2022, the price of pigs dropped by half year-on-year. The average purchase price of pigs in China was 15.98 yuan/kg, down 2.1% year-on-year and 56.0% year-on-year.It is understood that in order to reduce losses, many farmers have eliminated pigs, reduce capacity.Pig-raising listed companies are beginning to forecast performance, serious losses.Adjust again after the festival, pork unit can also start to track.It’s Monday, the third day of the holiday for professional investors.The news is not very bad, the economic data is not very good, as expected, there may be hedging policy after the holiday.It is better to invest less than to lose.Warren Buffett once said there are two rules to investing: first, don’t lose your principal, and second, always remember the first rule.Ordinary investors should bear these two principles in mind.In investment, not losing the principal is the biggest profit.The difficult Month of January has passed, I will make a summary of the news every day during the market break, and friends can read in their spare time. It is important to invest and stay in shape.Today is the twenty-ninth year, small zhi elder brother in the morning to everyone worship an early years!The year of the Tiger market can be, I wish you all the year of the Tiger, dragon teng Tiger Yue, good luck!