The beginning of spring | from the spring plate custom to see the ancient Spring Festival healthy vegetables

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On the first day of Spring 1255 years ago, the poet Saint Du Fu lived in Kui Zhou (kui County today fengjie County chongqing). At this time du fu was already 55 years old, and several years had passed since the An and Shi Rebellion.The beginning of Spring du Fu saw the spring plate in his hometown, can not help but recall in the two Beijing (Chang ‘an and Luoyang) when the beginning of spring days, when the two Beijing is at its peak, when the beginning of spring, the tall family of green leek sheng in the white jade plate, by the delicate hand feed each other, in order to do the festival.Despite du fu’s melancholy, du fu’s poem reveals one of the most important customs of ancient Chinese people on the day of The start of Spring: eating spring dishes made of raw vegetables. However, in ancient times, people did not eat meat on the first day or the start of Spring, which is quite different from today’s eating custom of big fish and meat.The beginning of Spring is the first of the 24 solar terms. It usually falls in the first month of the Chinese lunar calendar.Spring represents warmth and growth.In the spiritual world of Chinese people, the beginning of Spring represents hope, the future and the beginning of a better life.The Start of Spring usually comes around the Spring Festival. Agriculture-oriented Chinese people have always attached great importance to the Spring Festival and the Start of Spring. There are folk customs such as welcoming spring, striking spring, biting spring and trekking spring.In ancient times, the beginning of Spring was held in the eastern suburbs of the city, where officials led the people to hold a solemn sacrificial ceremony, whipping the spring ox with mud, which reminded the farmers to prepare for spring ploughing and not to enjoy themselves any more, so as to welcome the arrival of spring.During the start of Spring, in addition to spring, the ancient people also used a variety of vegetables made by the spring plate, taste gifts to relatives and friends, commonly known as biting spring, to welcome the Spring Festival with food.It is proved that the custom of spring Dish originated in the Han Dynasty (han Dynasty). In the book Si Min Yue Ling, Written by Cui Shi, it is said that the spring Will have lettuce, meaning to welcome the New Year.Spring plate and the six New Year’s Day “five xin plate” also has a certain connection.Therefore, the spring plate or also known as the xin plate, five xin plate is filled with five kinds of xin meat vegetables, such as small garlic, garlic, leek, brassica, coriander, etc. From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, five xin for people in the spring after eating the qi of the five zang organs, and we eat many places today jiaozi hot pot dipping material is somewhat similar.During the Tang and Song dynasties, the Silk Road on land and at sea was further flourishing. Some vegetables entered China along the Silk Road, which enriched the food of the Chinese people and also became the content of the spring plate.In the Tang Dynasty, there was a custom of eating spring cake and lettuce on the day of the start of spring, which was called spring plate.In the Song Dynasty, the vegetable content of spring plate was extremely abundant. In Su Shi’s poems, there are descriptions of “Spring plate with yellow leek of artemisia annua”, “I am glad to see the vine buds of spring plate” and “Spring plate with bamboo shoots of artemisia annua sprouts”. It can be seen that “spring plate” is a collection of vegetables such as vine buds, artemisia annua, bamboo shoots and leek.To the Ming and Qing dynasties, in the spring cake, lettuce, and water carrot, that can go to sleep in spring.Thus, the ancient “spring plate” witnessed the cultural exchanges and changes of Chinese and western vegetables.The ancient wisdom of “vegetable food” may have friends doubt, in ancient times, the south of spring to eat fresh vegetables should not be difficult, but in the frozen north, how to eat fresh vegetables?In fact, as early as the Qin and Han Dynasties, the wise ancients had used hot springs, greenhouse and other technologies to produce vegetables out of season.In the Book of the Han, it is recorded that “Tai Guan Yuan kind of winter onion and leek shavings, and covered with roof hip.”In comparison, the ancient greenhouse planting vegetables out of season is a matter of high energy consumption and high consumption, but in some places the cost of planting vegetables using natural hot spring water is lower, tang poet Wang Jian said in his poem “Early Spring in front of the Palace” : “The garden is divided into warm water, the melon has been in the middle of February.The tang Dynasty planted out-of-season fruit and vegetable “inner garden” for the court, which was to introduce hot spring water to create a suitable temperature for vegetable growth, so as to grow fresh vegetables in winter.In order to eat fresh vegetables in winter, folk methods are more convenient and low-cost. Jia Sixie, a agronomist of the Northern Wei Dynasty in the Southern and Northern Dynasties, named the cellar for storing vegetables and fruits as “Yin Pit” in his book “Qimin Yaoshu”. His “method of hiding lettuce” is: “In the middle of September and October, dig a pit in the south sun on the wall, four to five feet deep.Take miscellaneous vegetables, plant other cloth, a line of vegetables, a line of soil, to kan a foot xu, then stop.If it is rang thick, it will pass through winter.”Yin Pit can not only store vegetables, but also grapes, pears, apples and other fruits can be stored in autumn and eaten in winter.The effect of this method is very good, “must be taken immediately, beaming and summer vegetables are not different.”Thus, it is not impossible for ancient people to eat abundant fresh vegetables on the start of Spring day.Fortunately, the custom of eating spring plate on the first day of Spring is still intact in many places today. The characteristic food “Silk doll” that I used to eat often when working in Guiyang is the cultural remains of “spring plate”.Guiyang’s “silk doll”, also known as plain spring rolls, is a common local traditional snack, which can be seen in almost every street in Guiyang today.Whenever foreign friends come to Guiyang, I will take my friends to eat silk dolls.Silk doll to eat crisp, sour and spicy refreshing, appetizing spleen.The spring cake is a pancake baked with rice flour. It is as thin as paper but only as big as the palm of your hand. The vegetables are cut into very fine slices, red, white, yellow, black and other colors.When eating, the cake is mixed with shredded radish, jeerroot (houttuynia root), shredded kelp, shredded cucumber, fried soybean, crispy whistle, paste pepper, etc.It is commonly known as a silk doll because its shape resembles that of a newborn baby wrapped in “swaddling clothes” in a delivery room.Guiyang people eat silk dolls, and it is necessary to inject sour and spicy juice, this dip water is the essence of silk dolls.Although silk doll is vegetarian, but friends can eat more than a dozen is not enough, it can be seen that “vegetarian spring rolls” healthy and delicious.Back today, people who are getting richer and richer have prepared big fish and meat as a symbol of a rich and happy life during the Spring Festival. In some places, eating vegetables during the Spring Festival is taboo, believing that it will bring poverty.In this increasingly high fat, high protein, high calorie Spring Festival diet “custom” changes, many people “every festival fat three catties, because of hypertension, gastrointestinal diseases and hospitalized people everywhere, but people are still happy.The ancients of the tradition of eating spring plate spring provides modern people celebrate the Spring Festival with a healthy diet: eat more vegetables, with foods high in fat, high protein, high quantity of heat food meat substitute, reasonable diet, reduce the burden of spleen and stomach, to relatives and friends to share, and to remind myself not to indulge in festival, want to plan for the New Year.# Start of Spring ## Food ## Start of Spring What to eat?## Eat ## Health #