Integrated supervision illuminates the hidden corners of juvenile protection

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Hello everyone, I am Zhang Chunyan, a prosecutor of The People’s Procuratorate of Huzhou City, Zhejiang Province.In the first half of 2021, a doctor friend told me about a “doctor-patient conversation” that impressed her.Xiao Lu of Chunyan studio missed an important prenatal examination because of urgent work. When she went there again, the doctor was a little angry and said in a tone of complaint, “Could you please pay attention?You’re going to be a mother now, what could be more important…”Lu blushed in the side and was scolded so badly that he blurted out, “My job is really important. We are safeguarding fairness and justice!”At the moment, the scene of the people are stunned, the doctor did not answer, silently re-opened the checklist……Later, I told my friend that I missed the prenatal examination because the supervision case that Xiaolu followed came to the most critical period, and the victim volunteered to make a statement to her, and the victim was very special.Her name is Xiao You, 14 years old, with big eyes and a ponytail.This is what I saw in an old photo of her.That year, when she was in the second grade of junior high school, she went out to a party with friends on an ordinary night. Unexpectedly, that night became the one she most wanted to erase from her life.During the dinner, only 14 years old small leisurely was malicious drink, after being taken to the hotel, was a number of sexual assault.When we first met her, her hair was loose, she would not talk, she was trying to hide herself, her arms were covered with cuts from a fruit knife, one, two, three…Xiao You is the child of a single parent family, and her mother is busy with her work.After the incident, small leisurely into a strong self denial, and especially do not want to face the family.At the same time, some of the indecent video spread among classmates, let her into a bigger whirlpool.All around her, there are all kinds of accusations and taunts: who let her go out to play, she must have been naughty…Voices like these echoed in her head day and night.From then on, this 14-year-old child suffered from insomnia almost every day. She used smoking and drinking to paralyze herself, and in serious cases, she would choose the way of self-harm to release the pain…The scars were engraved on her hands, but also engraved on our hearts.During that period of time, the prosecutor Xiaolu will talk with Xiaolu almost every day, repeatedly emphasized to her the concept of no fault of the victim in the case of sexual assault.We have also repeatedly told her that not coming home late and not drinking are self-protection abilities that need to be improved, but this is by no means an excuse for being harmed.Finally our patience for the girl’s trust, has been locked up his small leisurely, take the initiative to put forward to lu, to state the facts.We know that it takes a lot of courage and determination to recount such a painful story.As prosecutors, we must not fail her courage and determination, uphold justice for her, and minimize the possible secondary damage.In case handling, the procuratorial organ played the leading role before the lawsuit, and cooperated with the public security organ to launch the one-stop case handling mode for the victim, and followed up a series of comprehensive relief measures such as psychological counseling, parental education and guidance, legal aid and risk control.At the same time, we prosecuted six people involved in the case in accordance with the law in an objective and fair position.In this case, we gave full play to the function of criminal prosecutorial supervision, put on file and supervised 6 people, who were eventually sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of more than 10 years by the court.In the process of handling this case, we launched a systematic investigation, and found that in more than 50% of the recent cases of sexual assault against minors, accommodation operators failed to fulfill their registration and reporting obligations according to law, and there were clues of public welfare damage and administrative supervision related to minors.To this end, in the follow-up supervision and performance of duties, we promoted the implementation of the “five must” system for hotel operators to receive minors, and cooperated with the public security organs to develop an automatic warning system for the risk of minors staying in hotels.We look forward to using digital empowerment to better protect the safety of minors.As Xiaolu said, our work is to punish evil and promote good, maintain fairness and justice, but let me feel more deeply, in the process of handling cases personally feel the power and value brought by the new period of procuratorial supervision function!I’ve always considered myself extremely lucky as a new age prosecutor.At present, the thinking of handling cases reviewed by the four major procuratorial systems and the supervision mode of “three investigations” integrated and coordinated promotion enable us to achieve the effect of social governance through handling cases, and also allow us to have more opportunities to realize the maximum value of procuratorial supervision and truly illuminate every hidden corner with the light of the rule of law.On the day of the verdict, we received a wechat message from the girl, who said: “Thank you!Prosecutor, I want to be like you in the future!”At this moment, there is no applause outside, cheering, a calm, but we are all heart hidden fireworks, eyes with hope!Source: Supreme People’s Procuratorate