Bad sea breeze rating?But the audience’s comments were very interesting

2022-07-19 0 By

A much-anticipated film, The Four Seas, has not only failed to become a dark horse during the Spring Festival season, but also received positive reviews.Fans of both director Han Han and Liu Haoran and Shen Teng must have been surprised.But douban’s 5.6 rating doesn’t fool anyone — nearly 100,000 viewers rated it, with three stars being the most popular, with only 5 percent of viewers giving it five stars.It has been overtaken by “Miracle” and “Boonies After Earth” to become the fifth highest-grossing Chinese New Year film, and has struggled to break the 500 million mark.For “four seas” this film, many net friends reaction is very strong.Read tardy forget, because in this family happy festive New Year, its sadness deep in the hearts of people.Many moviegoers who came to the cinema to watch the trailer for its joyous atmosphere were caught off guard by the sad story.Perhaps such “inappropriate” let the audience difficult to accept, so “Four Seas” wind evaluation is not good, public praise continues to decline.However, some people say that The Four Seas is actually a funny film, and its funny, it lies in the fans’ comments.On the topic of “Watching The Four Seas”, some net friends said: “Indeed, it is very strong, I still feel sorry for my ticket money”, while others sighed:”My junior high school 50 cents a month of romance novel is better than this film” “aftereffect is more think more gas, how to waste money and time to see such a film, I am really a big injustice.” There are netizens summary: in front of funny is funny, behind the death is really wonderful.I have to say, the audience’s comments were both funny and heartbreaking.Both hate the film disappointed, and hate their own choices.In fact, the choice of “Four Seas” is also normal, after all, Han Han is a mature director.”The Continent,” “Ride the Wave,” “Pegasus” all did well.Shen Teng, Yin Zheng are also senior comedians, Liu Haoran is the audience is very good, and guest stars are Huang Xiaoming, Feng Shaofeng and other popular actors, it is hard to avoid people have expectations.Many blamed liu Haocun for the problem, but screenwriters Wang Hailin and Han Han were very supportive of her performance, and many netizens felt that she was not solely to blame for a film’s failure.Perhaps there are many reasons why a film fails, and no one can hide behind bad reviews.Every “miss” makes the audience more cautious the next time.I hope the “Universal” creator can carefully review, the future can have better performance.