Starting this spring semester, teachers and staff in Ningxia will be required to take nucleic acid tests

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Source:Ningxia daily on February 15, the reporter learns from autonomous region outbreak response work headquarters, recently issued by the development of our “teachers and students in the school staff will be coronavirus nucleic acid sampling work plan, since the beginning of the spring semester in 2022, various counties (city, area) according to the situation of district school organization started the first round of sampling work as soon as possible, then carry out once a month testing work,Report test results in time.Students, teachers and staff (including security guards, cleaning staff, canteens and store employees) in schools and kindergartens at all levels and of various types within the jurisdiction shall be randomly inspected in proportion. Teachers and students with a history of travel and residence outside the district or their family members shall be randomly inspected as key objects.Each county (city, district) shall have at least one nursery school, primary school, junior middle school (including nine-year school) and senior high school (including secondary vocational school) within its jurisdiction every month, and 50 teachers, staff and students of each grade shall be randomly inspected, and less than 50 students shall be all inspected.Mixed detection was performed at 5∶1 or 10∶1.Each county (city, district) every month to the area of higher education in each school sampling 200 students;Teachers, staff sampling 100 people, less than 100 people all tested.Mixed detection was performed at 5∶1 or 10∶1.In addition, sampling frequency can be increased when the epidemic situation is complex.When the spring and autumn semester starts each year, teachers, students and staff who have traveled abroad 14 days before returning to school must submit negative nucleic acid test report within 48 hours before returning to school before applying for admission to school to prevent the importation and spread of epidemic disease on campus.(Zhou Qing Yangjie, reporter of Ningxia Daily)