The education community has called for a PR route for international students, and many Australian universities have offered subsidies

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Although the Australian border is now open, the outbreak of the epidemic in Australia has made many students dare not come to “reverse drug running”.In addition, there are few flights and high prices, which prevent students from returning to Australia.Recently, the Vice-Chancellor of THE University of Technology Sydney (UTS) published a statement on the return of overseas students to Australia.In the past two years, he says, many international students who would have studied in NSW have instead headed to countries with fewer border restrictions, such as the US, the UK and Canada.Or they just decided to study at home.That represents a A $5 billion hit to the NSW economy in 2021, with a possible a $6 billion hit this year.He believes that in order to restore their confidence in Australian universities, the government, business and the education sector should work together to provide a range of targeted incentives for students to come to NSW.These incentives should be financial and related to study and work.The package includes initiatives such as cost-of-living vouchers and long-term public transport travel concessions, which will speed up students’ return to school and send a strong message about their value.More importantly, by supporting internships and providing other ways to fill skills shortages, the scheme will accelerate Australia’s economic recovery and make NSW more attractive.If needed, he says, it could help international students transition to work and create new ways to apply for permanent residency to help them stay here.Phil Honeywood, chief executive officer of the Australian Institute of International Education, said the lives of many young people around the world had been on hold for the past two years.”There is a lot of confusion among students. What is Australia’s motivation for wanting these students back?Is it just to provide a supplementary workforce?”In his opinion, the study abroad industry should not be opened or stopped at once.It often takes a long time for families to decide where to study.Federal Immigration Minister Alex Hawke previously said “we welcome the return of increasing numbers of international students, backpackers and skilled migrants.”However, the education community believes that Australia should support international students not only when they first arrive in Australia, but also throughout their academic courses and preparation for future employment.According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the revenue of the study abroad industry was A $22.5 billion in 2021, far lower than a $40.3 billion in 2019.At present, in order to welcome international students, schools choose to offer various forms of subsidies to students to attract them.Monash University says students who return to Australia before the first census date will have the chance to receive a $2000 aid grant.The University of Mexico said it would provide a $4,000 grant and a welcome package.The Western Australian Education and Promotion Agency said that if you arrive in Perth after January 20, 2022 and are required to quarantine, and study in a Western Australian educational institution, you can apply for a one-off financial assistance of 2000 Australian dollars.Let’s just say they are really trying to attract students back to Australia