The first day after the festival, Yantai “traffic people” hot work busy

2022-07-20 0 By

On February 7th, the first working day after the Spring Festival began, yu Fei, a poster news reporter, reported from Tianyang Yantai.Yantai city’s transportation system quickly started the “working mode”, with full enthusiasm into the work, to provide high-quality and convenient services for the masses.The construction of shanhai Expressway, Derun Expressway (Gangcheng Street – Hongqi Road) project construction site machines roar, more than 200 builders are busy, make full use of the post-holiday opportunity to grab the construction schedule, speed up the project construction, sprint New Year “a good start”.The project headquarters strengthened coordination, construction and supervision units detailed measures, scientific arrangement of construction plans, and optimization of construction organization.By adjusting the construction process and setting up movable sound barriers, the construction noise and influence can be reduced.Strengthen site management, implement safety production, quality control, environmental protection and other measures, the construction site daily inspection, to ensure safe, high-quality, civilized construction.Tower cranes stand in great numbers on the construction site of weiyan high-speed railway project.In the trans-Balisha River construction site, pile drivers “knock” to impact, loading vehicles shuttle back and forth, measuring workers carry the yardstick……A scene of hectic activity.The person in charge of zQSG-3 project of China Railway Bridge Bureau of Weiyan high-speed railway introduced that this year the builders stick to the construction site during the holidays and do their best to speed up the construction of Weiyan high-speed railway.Since the first bored pile was laid on December 7, 2021, the project department where it works has laid 32 bored piles.At present, key transportation projects have been resumed in an orderly manner as planned, and construction has been accelerated on the premise of ensuring epidemic prevention and safety.On the first day after the festival, traffic law enforcement personnel continued to increase law enforcement efforts, highlighting yantai bus terminal, port passenger terminal, bus station and other traffic nodes, urging the strict implementation of work safety and epidemic prevention and control measures.In combination with complaints and reports, law enforcement officers mainly conduct road inspections, supplemented by fixed-point inspections of important road sections and regions around stations, universities and hospitals, to inspect key vehicles such as “two passengers and one danger”, taxis and online ride-hailing, investigate and punish illegal vehicles, and maintain traffic and transportation production order.Law enforcement personnel of airport, port and South Railway Station management offices increased on-site order maintenance, coordinated and organized taxi, airport bus and south Railway Station bus frequency according to passenger flow, guaranteed the collection and distribution of passengers after the holiday, and ensured the smooth and orderly passenger flow on site.At 8:30 in the morning, the traffic service area of the municipal Government Service Center was a scene of orderly and warm service.Window staff do enough preparation, patient and careful for the masses to deal with business.The whole hall was orderly and busy.The citizen Mr. Zhang this time to deal with the replacement of road transport qualification certificate business.”I was the window staff who called to consult before the year, because the clerk told me very detailed, there is not much material to prepare, some proof materials window staff can check from the Internet, do not need me to prepare.Today is the first day of work after the Spring Festival. I finished my business very quickly, which is also a good sign for the New Year.”In order to create a sound business environment, improve efficiency, and better serve enterprises and the public, the transport government service window implements a one-off mechanism in accordance with the concept and standard of “at most one visit”. For matters that cannot be handled at one time due to temporary restrictions such as handling conditions, they are handled strictly in accordance with the promised time limit.In the New Year, the Municipal Transport Bureau will strictly implement the reform requirements of “delegating control and providing services”, further strengthen the style construction, improve service capacity and level, create a better service to the society, service the masses of quality platform, and establish a good image of transport services.