The heart is a lonely city

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Wen: There is Meow, a writer as keen and independent as Meow.Write the story of every ordinary person, share the touching in the ordinary, pay attention to each extraordinary experience.What everyone sees in their eyes is their own world.A unique consciousness is formed from past experiences and the environment in which we grew up, forming a logic that can supply our own energy.When we get along with others, whether we are happy or sad, whether we are spontaneous or sensitive, others can only see our external appearance.Most of the time only we know, in the crowd to cheer, in fact, just want to cover up the inner incompatible.Being silent in the midst of the noise is not about being unique.But suddenly as if someone stepped on the tail, hoarse throat, pain strangled the heart.Struggling to run, just to not easily stop, so that the time was occupied by the blank.Try to smile, just want to let more people know their friendly.The heart is a lonely city.But it is not that those who are inside cannot get out and those who are outside cannot get in.It’s that most of us prefer to stay in our own cities and enjoy ourselves.Instead of traveling thousands of miles, for some vague hope, travel over mountains and rivers to be a guest in another’s world.It is better to build your own castle, to maintain the world you have built with great effort, and not to let it collapse easily.Once in a while, we would sit on the edge of the town and watch.If anyone wants to stay, bring a jug of good wine.Because, each person’s visit, have existence of necessity.Every one of us may have experienced something unexpected on our way here.Therefore, every time we meet, we don’t care about how long we can be together.Each time respectively, do not care about the later time, how long will not see.The heart of man is a lonely city.Love or hate, later can be at peace, is a rare perfection.After meeting together, like fireworks in the night sky.Even if only a moment of beauty, it is enough to light up some people’s whole life.After the separation of acacia, compared to everyone will go through the long road, just a little star.Bright or dim, only exist behind the night sky.In front of us is the city we will defend for ourselves.Brick by brick, plant by plant, we have to build and cultivate by ourselves.Walls are not built to keep people from each other.But always tell yourself, no matter when, and the warmth of the city, the responsibility of the city.The lonely city of human heart, in the final analysis, is a cognition of self.Because they know that they have to go through the ordeal, others can not help.What you want to feel, no one else can understand.All things, we need to touch, all problems, we need to find their own way to solve.All the confusion, but also our own first think clearly, see clearly, can really dissipate.All feelings, only ourselves, have the most profound and thorough understanding.We, with our own hands, built this city for ourselves.At the same time, but also the way we are about to travel, in the eyes, under the foot.This lonely city, no matter where we go after that, will stand firmly in our hearts.Let a person no matter roam around, or live in a home, can enter warm dream, smile to oneself.Let a person walk through the lively street market, run in the quiet lane corner, also can find a peace of mind, embrace yearning comfortable.In this life, with the lone city in charge, the road ahead will not be tilted high in libra’s side.This life, and the lonely city, looking at each other, breathing side will not be disorderly rhythm, pace lost direction.Because, above the city wall, the colorful flags flying in the wind, is the dream we do not want to lose no matter what.It is the source of one’s understanding and tolerance towards others, patience and perseverance towards many things.In this lonely city, we have the most brilliant dream, the most beautiful yearning, and the most romantic beauty.It is precisely these things that constantly inspire us to grow up for the rest of our lives and urge us to run further.More let us drum up the courage again and again, in the fall of the place, with the most beautiful posture to stand.Perhaps it was never a lonely town.-END- If you like, please like, share, favorites and comment below.For more emotional stories and questions, please visit the author’s homepage or the card below for one-click consultation.Don’t forget, a warm cat is at home waiting for you to learn more about your cat