2022 Sixth Children’s Spring Festival Gala and Lantern Festival Gala in Pingliang

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New media online network news (Zhang Yaozhong, Li Tingyu, Qin Zhongrong, Ma Xiaoling) drumming and trekking to help create the city, ten thousand orchestral song prosperous times.On February 15, the 2022 Sixth Pingliang Children’s Spring Festival Gala and Lantern Festival Gala met with the people of the city through the cloud, and served a cultural feast to help Pingliang build a national civilized city.The evening party is hosted by Pingliang Family Education Association, Pingliang Children’s Library, Pingliang Network Culture Association, Pingliang Traditional Culture Promotion Association, Pingliang Cultural Industry Association, and The Organizing Committee of Pingliang Brilliant Children’s Spring Festival Gala, and undertaken by Pingliang Star Culture Media Development Center (general partnership).Sponsored by Pingliang Xingdu Industry and Trade Group, Pingliang Famous king Industry and Trade Co., LTD., Pingliang Yiyou Vehicle Maintenance Co., LTD., China Energy Construction Gezhouba Group.On the stage there are tiger spirit tiger spirit “little tiger”, pink and ink colorful “little Dan” with a magic lollipop “little lovely”.The evening covers more than 10 fine programs such as dance, language, vocal music, stage play, instrumental music, model show, etc. Through the art form, the children’s dream of patriotism and power is realized, presenting a children’s Spring Festival Gala and Lantern Festival gala that is in line with the correct education of the three viewpoints of children and full of positive social energy.The joyful gongs and drums beat up, wonderful dance son jump up.Brought by the dancing elf dance training center in the dance of tiger make yuanxiao, believed in county elegant dance school of dance “tianjin taste play girl”, “fantastic lollipop, jingchuan county small cotton-padded jacket elements of dance training center of Chinese opera dance” small “, “star crown future art center of poetry reading” I pledge “,Pingliang Starry Sky art training center brought the dance “Jubilation”, “spring to blessing”, jazz dance “Bow Wow”, “bright starry Sky”, youth journalism college Pingliang branch brought “fortunately MET you” and other programs presented a large children’s art feast full of innocence, children’s fun, children’s dreams.