As of 10:40, bijie area of all expressways back to normal traffic

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On February 6, the reporter came to Beijing Wangfujing Street winter Olympics concession goods flagship store, because of the fire bingduddun, waiting to buy peripheral products inside and outside the store lined up a long queue of citizens.In one corner of the store, three tables form a booth, and several Beijing men who are keen on collecting Olympic badges tell the “double Olympics story” of Beijing through one small badge.”I started collecting badges from the Beijing Summer Olympics and now I have nearly 20,000 badges related to the Olympics.”Gong Yanhong, who is in his 60s, has been obsessed with Olympic badges for 13 years. According to him, there are many people like him in Beijing who like to collect badges and usually have fixed points to exchange them.Reporters at the scene felt a “badge exchange” of fun, with a badge in hand and gong ye exchange a “ice dun dun” “snow Rong Rong” happy New Year’s badge, very appropriate.These small badges record the story of the 2008 to 2022 Beijing Olympic Games, bearing the city’s inheritance and love for the Olympic spirit.Guizhou Daily Tianyan news reporter text/video of Wu Mengxue Luo Yuqing editor Liu Shiya Yang Tao editor Wang Luyao