Hefei Shuangyou Education Group Source Water Park: Carried out maintenance and filter replacement of direct drinking machines for classes

2022-07-21 0 By

In order to strengthen the sanitation management of drinking water in kindergartens and ensure the sanitation and safety of drinking water for children, On March 16, 2022, Hefei Shuanggang Kindergarten Education Group Yuanshui Park invited the professional company of direct drinking machine to carry out maintenance and filter element replacement of direct drinking machines for all classes in the park.In the process of change, hold health certificate, please staff to direct drinking machine internal pipeline cleaning, and carefully check every part of the straight drink machines, and replace the professional brand filter, its special active filter strong adsorption ability, can effective adsorption of organic matter in water, can effectively improve the water quality is at the same time, for young children to provide a safe and healthy drinking water.The sanitation and safety of drinking water in kindergarten is related to the healthy growth of every child. Shuangyouyuan Water Park will, as always, strengthen the management and implementation of details, and regularly change the filter element of direct drinking machine every semester to escort the healthy growth of children.