Lady White was an unmarried woman. Why did she pretend to be a widow to marry Xu Xian?

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The story of Lady White and Xu Xian comes from The tale of Warning The World and Lady White’s Eternal Town at Leifeng Pagoda. Lady White and Xu Xian met on a boat on a rainy day.Lady White and Xiaoqing met Xu Xian in his boat.Later, Xu Xian met Lady Bai again on a rainy day. Xu Xian took pity on Her and lent her her umbrella. Later, he went to lady Bai for her umbrella.When Xu Xian and Lady White met for the first time, Lady White introduced herself as a widow.The woman replied, “The Nu family was the sister of Bai Dian of Bai Class 3. She married Official Zhang and died, but now she is buried here on Thunder Ridge.Lady White was a white snake in human form. She married Xu Xian for the first time. Why did she pretend to be a widow?This is because widows had one advantage that unmarried women did not have: freedom of marriage.In ancient Chinese society, parents married and remarried by themselves.An unmarried girl’s marriage is decided by her parents, or if not by her brothers and uncles, not by herself.And the widow has freedom, and she has property, so she can marry whomever she likes.Some say that in ancient times a widow could not remarry, but had to remain a widow.In fact, this was not the case. Before neo-Confucianism prevailed in the Song Dynasty, widows could remarry at will, even queens and princesses had remarried.Emperor Wudi’s mother, Wang Rabbit, got married and had children before she entered the palace.During the Song Dynasty, when Confucianism prevailed, women of noble families were not allowed to remarry, but women of ordinary families were allowed to remarry. In the novel A Dream of Red Mansions, the mother of the second sister of You remarried and even married to an official family.That’s why Lady White pretended to be a widow.Only by posing as a widow could she decide on her own marriage and decide to marry Xu Xian.If she calls herself an unmarried woman, she can’t make her own decisions about marriage.Later, The White lady accused her ex-husband of stealing the silver, property and clothes from the officials.Xu Xian was an unmarried young man. Why did he marry a widow?This shows that in ancient times, people did not care about each other’s marriage history, they could get married for free.If Lady White did not pretend to be a widow, she could not marry Xu Xian.Widows have the advantage that unmarried girls do not have, freedom of marriage, and property.