Chen Meng Sun Yingsha basked in the latest developments, good news from the Guo Ping coaching team, Liu Guoliang’s vision is true

2022-07-22 0 By

On April 2, Beijing time, Guo Ping, Chen Meng and Sun Yingsha posted the latest developments on the social network.This time, there was a great piece of good news from The Country ping. Liu Guoliang’s vision was really poisonous, which once again reflected the big pattern.First of all, is the Chinese Taipei player boda Confucianism, confirmed the new champions, he at the end of the previous grand slam and WTT, participated in the doha round of challenge, and liu guoliang was witty, considering the ping record in grand slam, and the players need to trim, severe epidemic overseas, so the main ping full withdrawal back home to rest, and participating the doha ping young young countries need attention.In addition, Chen Meng, who won the WTT Grand Slam women’s singles title, posted a photo with Sun Yingsha on April Fool’s Day. Both of them were smiling, indicating their good friendship.Moreover, Chen Meng won the gold medal and returned to the world No. 1 to lock the ticket qualification of hangzhou Asian Games singles in advance. Sun Yingsha also relied on the world No. 2 points to lock the second precious ticket of Hangzhou Asian Games women’s singles.After they returned home safely, they rested in a room, which was specially arranged by Liu Guoliang, so that the two players could communicate and interact face to face, in order to better discuss their experience and prepare for the Hangzhou Asian Games, which would help China Ping win the Women’s singles Asian Cup.In addition, The country ping men’s single Fan Zhendong also came to good news.As the new world No. 1, he beat Ma Twice in the year of the Tiger and proved he has what it takes to lead China’s table tennis team to Paris.Fan zhendong’s coach Wang Hao is also the latest to deny rumors that he will not leave China Ping team, will continue to work with Fan Zhendong to achieve higher dreams.Wang hao said events, such as WTT PingQiu the team task also temporarily, the ping team is a great unity team, every player and coach has a different division of labor, everyone all have a common goal, implementation of motivation, generation after generation generation of inheritance, the ping team will always win honor for our country.Wang Hao honestly hope that the fans do not believe some “I want to leave the country ping team” rumors, I and xiao Pang have higher dreams to achieve.Their goal remains the same: a gold medal in the men’s singles in Paris to make up for their failure to win a gold medal in the men’s singles in three Olympic Games.With Wang Hao’s voice, but also let the fans feel assured, because the Hangzhou Asian Games is coming, Fan Zhendong needs Wang Hao’s guidance, they gradually into a good situation, also teachers and friends, we believe that Fan Zhendong can continue to maintain their own state in the Hangzhou Asian Games, win glory for the country.In addition, the Chinese Table Tennis Association also announced a new position, Ma Lin was promoted to the women’s team first team coaching team leader;Liu Guozheng was promoted to be the team leader of the men’s team.Although it was previously pointed out that Liu Guozheng will quit the coaching team, but the news is a rumor, Liu Guozheng and Ma Lin’s ability has been recognized, Liu Guoliang’s vision is very correct, with Liu Guoliang in the World Table Tennis Federation as an important position, Liu Guoliang will take time to promote table tennis internationally, so,Line to the ping team need qin zhi and Li Sunlai and responsible work, the guidance of the division of labor details, dhs-lg and Marine followed for support, so as to cultivate more young teenager, believe ping team personnel in countries, such as Malone veteran, led to the youth storm astonishing at the Paris Olympics continue, win honor for our country.