“Fengfeng Ka-ding” not only guards “315”, but also serves “365” with heart.

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Today is the annual “March 15 International Consumer Rights Day” for every customer is an important moment to voice and review, but for the quality of Fengfeng is an action, but also a responsibility to protect more than “315”, hard service “365” Fengding since its establishment, the harvest of thousands of customers praise and trust.As a professional brand of children’s kart, focus on “one-stop” children’s paradise solutions, starting with passion, loyal to the track, every day can stand the test of 315, integrity 315, choose Fengfeng kding, is equal to the choice of professional and rest assured.Committed to professional growth, we are always on the road!Protect product quality, optimize store image, create brand reputation, fengka Ding in action!Time will tell.Serious do products, intentions to do service, the storm cut ding always insist on doing one thing, whether it is from, or on the product performance, appearance style we strive to excellence, strictly control the product quality, polished every detail carefully, only the go-kart experience and grow perfectly, constantly explore innovative, to seek new breakthroughs.Operating services to protect more than “315”, we always keep service quality discount for 365 days, adhering to the “love and enthusiastic, careful, patience, sense of responsibility,” five heart enterprise service concept, with the practical action depth practice “take the customer as the center” beginner’s mind, better to provide thoughtful, warm and thoughtful service, is the escort of napa.Let every consumer in the store experience, can feel full of sincerity!Mr. Zhang, the operator of The Giant Yellow Duck Ecological Park, recalled the first contact with Baofeng — the planning and design of the kart theme park.He was impressed by the “amusement park complex” of Stormwind, and found that the reviews of stormwind from his regular customers were very good.”To assist customers to inspect and plan the site professionally and scientifically, we are very easy to worry about.” Mr. Li, the person in charge of the amusement park, recalled the whole investigation process and carried out the overall planning and layout of the site, with two words: “professional” and “easy to worry about”.”Kart to join the need to find a professional do kart, service can be more professional, later can be more secure” Ms. Luo, she is very sure of the customer manager’s work, “even if there are after-sales problems, but kart has the responsibility to solve the problem and action”.From the signing to the shop operation, to achieve a true sense of the “one-stop service”.Regardless of quality or service, Fengka ding stand up to every day!Fengka ding artisan attitude, efforts to “toss” themselves, 2 years carefully polished every part, 600+ franchisee customer choice!The pursuit of excellent product quality, and strive to bring customers the best service experience.