High salary, low threshold, careful “pie” into “trap”!

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“Free working hours” “monthly salary more than 10,000 yuan” “five insurance and one housing fund after three months” “driver’s license is ok” these hiring conditions of online car-hailing are very attractive, but pay attention to this may be “routine car rental” trap!Some ride-hailing companies recruit drivers with attractive terms, induce them to sign booby-trapped rental contracts, and then deliberately engineer defaults to defraud victims of deposits and rent.These “routine car rental” new fraud crimes, lawbreakers work together, has formed a set of models.According to the carefully designed script, the company tempts drivers to form the wrong perception of “easy to get high income”, and urges drivers to sign a contract and pay a deposit of thousands of yuan up to 10,000 yuan in a hurry for various reasons without fully knowing the contract content.If the driver signs the contract and pays the deposit, the deposit will be owned by the online car-hailing company. However, the driver who signs the contract with these companies does not have the right to force the driver to breach the contract.The trap contract requires that “the platform flow should exceed 600 yuan in a day”, but the vehicles provided by these companies are bound to niche travel platforms, and it is difficult for ordinary drivers to meet the flow standard.A few days later the company would seize the vehicles, swallow the deposit and lease them to other drivers for profit, claiming that the drivers had violated the terms of their contracts.Routine two vehicle failure, breach of contract!The driver Zhang mou got the car in the third day, found that the rented vehicle can not catch fire.Helpless to call the company’s vehicle management for help, was told that “the car has a line problem”, then the company sent someone to take away the vehicle.As there are business indicators every day, Zhang has been asking the company when he can drive back to the car to continue to work, did not expect the other party did not answer the message, phone, zhang Lin was forced to default because he had no car to drive.But does the car really have a fault?In fact, these vehicles will be installed before the rental of remote power off device, sometimes the company will even secretly drive away the vehicle to the driver lie that the fault needs maintenance to recover the vehicle is again rented to other drivers continue to defraud rent and deposit routine three create accidents, default!The driver, Lee, was followed by a white car when he got out of the car, and deliberately touched the accident when he pulled over.After being questioned by the police, the owner of the white car surnamed Wang admitted that he had been asked by the owner of the ride-hailing company to deliberately create an accident so that the company could take back the car by using the “breach of contract” clause in the contract to cheat the driver surnamed Li out of a deposit.With high salaries to recruit drivers as bait to sign implicit “trap terms” car rental contract deliberately manufactured after the breach of the deposit and illegal profit this “routine car rental” trap must be careful!Source: Xinhuanet production: Zhu Mingyan editor: Shi Zijing source: quick information