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On February 15th, with the successful completion of our festival · Lantern Festival/Five HU· Lantern Festival, the 2022 “Happy Binzhou Spring Festival Cultural Party” Binzhou Cultural Center’s Spring Festival cultural activities successfully concluded!Twelfth month till the 15th day, 22 days, 10 plate, 72 events, online, every day a fascinating, hui wen hui art, huimin HuiCheng, as a large-scale public welfare culture of hui culture brand activities, residents in binzhou built a “binzhou Spring Festival”, the festival atmosphere is very bring a full of traditional and contemporary interactive fusion “warm spring” culture of life!During the Spring Festival, we went to the grassroots to send blessings to thousands of people, with pen and ink setting fragrance and flowers warming the heart. We went into the barracks, communities and villages to send care and blessings. We had 5 activities, benefiting 1200 people.Yinhu Noisy Spring ·2022 Tiger theme folk art works Exhibition, 100 children lucky painting Spring Festival · Excellent Fine arts and Calligraphy Exhibition, Welcome the New Year · Elderly Art University calligraphy, Traditional Chinese painting, photography exhibition, folk art exhibition, Tiger tiger alive and powerful;Children’s works, full of vitality;Works of Art University for the Elderly, spring is in the air.3 exhibitions, 263 exhibits, to accompany binzhou citizens to enjoy the festival.Binzhou Non-genetic Learning Workshop “Binzhou Non-genetic Learning Workshop” enables the general public, especially the young people, to have a more systematic understanding of the mystery and splendor of intangible cultural heritage, and promotes the public’s understanding and understanding of binzhou’s intangible cultural heritage.13 sessions, involving traditional art, traditional skills, traditional martial arts, folk literature four categories, training nearly 200 children.The ancient philosophers fortune, draw new parent-child interaction, series of activities was held seven consecutive and parent-child interaction course 15 games site, including inspired kids imagination, observation and practice ability of the “seven eggs laying hens”, “warm heart chahai Noah license plate” and “dalmatians”, “year after year have fish”, “special apple”, “fresh supermarket”.There are “auspicious beast door god”, “Ma Spoon facial makeup”, “I have a tiger hat”, “facial makeup” to help children feel and understand the folk craft;There are “Yan GUI Chun Lai”, “The most beautiful home in my heart”, “Creative Fu character”, “Golden Tiger painting Spring” and “Spring Festival hanging ornaments” to cultivate children’s love and understanding of traditional festivals.Artistry and participation in one, learn knowledge, understand the tradition, promote parent-child emotion.The open class “Instrumental Music Experience Supermarket” opened before the festival, the public benefit lecture on flower arrangement art was held, the open class of stars Children’s Choir achieved remarkable results, the open class of “Basic Music Theory and Solfegge” was held successfully, discovering the beauty of intangible cultural Heritage · The 24 Solar terms spring Tea Party was widely popular…Culture benefits the people, leads the fashion, approaches art, experiences the charm of art, and creates a good festival atmosphere.More than 200 binzhou residents participated in the event.Binzhou Intangible Cultural Heritage Quyi Bookstore has carried out 4 performances, so that the public feel the atmosphere of the Spring Festival in a laugh, interactive link gift gift, laughter on stage and under the stage, “Cultural Travel China” special report;The special report performance of the University of The Arts for the Elderly, the special concert of the China Overseas Chorus, and the Spring Welcome concert of the Stars Art Troupe were conducted simultaneously online and offline. More than 30,000 people watched the performance and received high praise.”Play with me” series of public welfare courses “Magic with me”, “play tabla with me”, “Learn flower arrangement with me”, 3 interactive activities, we gathered together to experience the mystery of traditional magic, playing tabla happiness, the charm of traditional flower arrangement art.Learn by play, play by study, and learn with pleasure.More than 80 groups of families made reservations through wechat and successfully participated in the live event.Binzhou Cultural Center For the Elderly Art University was founded in June 2015, is one of the cultural center’s characteristic projects, but also the cultural center to broaden the public cultural service functions of the new path, more binzhou middle-aged and elderly friends to build up the pursuit of art, show talent platform.On the eve of the Spring Festival, the students presented their best wishes to the students by performing in various art forms.VR Art Gallery, Online calligraphy, Traditional Chinese painting, photography exhibition, Happy Binzhou · Happy Spring Festival Theme Exhibition, traditional knowledge contest, Binzhou Folk stories paper-cut exhibition…Stay at home, break through time and space, through the network can enter the virtual exhibition hall to watch exhibitions, participate in the knowledge contest, see binzhou folk paper-cuts, understand binzhou folk stories, feel “immersive, at your fingertips” digital services.Shandong Province public culture cloud, Binzhou Daily · Binzhou network, binzhou Cultural Center official website, wechat platform……A variety of online media and platforms updated information and carried out online activities at the same time, and 540,000 people shared cultural events online.Our festival, the Lantern Festival series of activities of the traditional knowledge correct “tiger make yuanxiao” Lantern Festival, winter jasmine flowers in opera drama performance, five HU, the yuanxiao, the Lantern Festival, people gather cultural centers, cultural performances, traditional experience ruby, taste the fun of curling, guess lantern riddles, find the way of traditional festivals thick atmosphere, open happy heart to go with joy.There was also an online contest with 1500 participants.”Joy binzhou hui chun culture”, has spent seven with citizens of binzhou Spring Festival, the annual event is 2022 ‘, binzhou citizens is an important part of the festival, to meet the party’s “20”, carry forward the theme, create a happy and peaceful good atmosphere of fresh air, the wind is, better meet new look forward to the people for a better life,To enhance people’s sense of cultural gain, happiness and satisfaction.Binzhou Cultural Center will continue to actively play the role of public cultural services, constantly improve the coverage and implementation of cultural projects to benefit the people, and truly achieve literature and art for the people, benefit the people, and entertain the people.(Wu Yanxiang wen Minghua)