New Year send red copy, since the media drainage private domain realization, send 2K earn 3.8K+ play deconstruction!

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Today is the first day of the New Year. I wish my friends good luck and everything goes well in the New Year of 2022.>>Is there a feeling, is the Chinese New Year, see other people everywhere to make money?>>And oneself, where all want to spend money?Yesterday, I saw a lot of words written by my big friends, which made me feel a rush. In three words, it was too outrageous!On the occasion of the New Year, with a red envelope copy, through the major since media drainage, private domain realization of thousands of yuan a day.By systematizing what most people do, you can easily become an integrator.I read an article written by a big-shot friend about giving red envelopes in the New Year.To get a red envelope, you must add your own wechat account. At the bottom of the message, more than 20 words should be left. The top 10 likes are 300 yuan for the first place, 200 yuan for the second place, 100 yuan for the third place.Usually few messages, after this article came out, an hour time, message on more than 100.Let’s just say that a lot of people don’t lack money, they lack interest in life.This friend through this way, lead to add a private message, and then the same day there are signed up for his courses and join his project, and then changed to receive several students.Looking at his statistics today, the cost was sent to 2,000 yuan, and the final profit was about 3,800 yuan.Use existing resources to realize, only need the benefits to achieve profits.Another big player is more talented, through the public account to get free red copy, and distributed on multiple platforms.Put all the traffic drainage to wechat public number, need to get New Year red envelope friends, direct guidance and personal private.When the private letter to receive the New Year red envelope, directly send a free to receive wechat red envelope cover material to each other, if necessary, you can click free to receive.Then insert the way of receiving the cover of red envelope, click to receive will automatically jump to another public account.By inserting a claim entry into another wechat public account, click on the cover of the red envelope to automatically jump to the wechat store mall, and then add a distribution application on the home page of the wechat store mall, and below are all red envelope cover classification names.Need red envelope cover, you can buy, want to make money, or want to save money, will directly click on the application for distribution.In the distribution entrance, you need to log in to the micro store, he added a distribution rule, that is to require at least one purchase before distribution.In this case, you don’t see any distribution commissions, only after you become a distributor.If you want to know the share commission ratio, you can only find out by adding the miniserver.At the bottom, there is a contact customer service, many because do not want to spend money to buy or want to directly take a low price of friends, at this time will consult customer service.Here, the other party is not online customer service, but directly implanted a wechat TWO-DIMENSIONAL code, let scan code to add customer service.The best trust to customer service is to let him not worry about after-sales service for the first time.After the customer service is added, the customer service is directed to the mall again to check the distribution rules.There are no distribution rules, just to get you in there and make a deal for you again.If you knew, you would just ask what the distribution margin was.At this point, customer service distributes distribution rules to you.Distribution rules are free for junior agents 10%, intermediate agents 25%, senior agents 35%, when the application for the primary agent.In addition, there are paid agents, the commission is 35% for 99 yuan, 40% for 599 yuan, and 50% for 1999 yuan, which is a huge profit.Whether you are free to collect, retail to buy, apply for free distribution, paid distribution, he is profitable.He gets it for free, he gets traffic, he gets attention, he gets free distribution, he gets sales, he gets paid distribution, he gets agency profits, he gets late profits.This whole set of gameplay, is in front of me in the “net earn free virtual resources access to the five ways, home monthly income of 100,000 insider disclosure (this article is worth millions)” here the article mentioned the micro channel red envelope cover distribution system, said the value of millions this is not an exaggeration.Calculate, if hire two 1999 yuan paid agent every day, a day is 4000 yuan profit;If every day through selling 8000 yuan red envelope cover, not all people are 1999 yuan paid agent, the profit is almost 70%, that is, the direct profit can reach 5000 yuan.I saw that there were nearly 20,000 people in the store. That is to say, those who could make G bets were either users or distributors.The lowest price for distributors is 99 yuan, and the lowest profit for agents is 50%. Both sides can make money.That is to say, these 2W members have brought him at least a profit of nearly 100W.Red envelope cover, recently has become a trend, unless you have a team, technology, do it can quickly form a scale, so you can easily enter the operation.But if you don’t have the skills, if you don’t have the team, it’s very difficult to get it going.Profit is behind free, cost is at the front end of paid.This view of thinking is zero lu thinking, who can use free things to the extreme, who can get profits from free.Whoever wants to charge higher margins on the back end will have to pay more upfront.Build the system, and then just share it directly. It’s a highly profitable business.Even so, there are a lot of people who have no idea who they are.Have you found that in his introduction of the whole flow, there are adding customer service, import private letter such action.In other words, no matter what the public traffic pool is, the private traffic pool can do two, three, or even N conversions.This kind of closed – loop drainage, as long as the user enters, it is difficult to get out.As for the operation of such projects, we only need to position our own products well and formulate our own drainage SOP.The product can not be wechat red envelope cover, can be other virtual products.Now review the entire SOP process here:Entire network distributed free to receive a red envelope – G note no. Public and private domain to receive a red envelope – free to receive WeChat Lucky Money cover – send new number public G note — click to receive free distribution to recruit into the small shop mall – home page, at the bottom of the customer service again introducing the private add customer service second micro store increase traffic again clinch a deal – consulting distribution lead low fees to high agent fee– Back end selling red envelope cover and receiving distribution agent.Who can clinch a deal process closed loop type guidance, who can control the active right of flow.Making money for yourself is one of the best free ways to do business.It seems that he is paid, but actually it is to make money.Last night was too busy, and then I saw the group of software to sell red packets, the server was directly dry to crash.I check our a partner group, they grabbed the red envelope, more than a single red envelope in about 20 yuan, less single red envelope in about 50 cents.Just last night, I counted that there were about 200 red envelopes.Even if the average red envelope is 2 yuan, it is still 300 or 500 yuan.However, a red envelope snatching software costs only 30 to 50 yuan, which is definitely a viable business.Every year at New Year’s, there are some people who masturbate a lot of money for free.Using tools to make money can get twice the result with half the effort.The power of the whole network distribution of we media is very strong, which is also what our team will do next.In the past, I could achieve more than ten thousand a month through one channel and multiple channels, which can naturally double my income.