Save the broken wing youth, the judge sister warm heart accompanied

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Let the delinquent really realize the mistake, help him to release the shackles in his heart, get him the opportunity to go back to school, and support him to go to college.Six years of encouragement and companionship, judge sister and volunteers with love and warmth to heal his wounds, he also repay the society with action.At the end of 2020, a new member was added to the “Lighthouse Meng” legal volunteer team at the Xinbei District Court in Changzhou, Jiangsu Province.What was different was that the new recruit had been a juvenile delinquent.In six years, he transformed from a recipient to a volunteer. The care and encouragement of the judge’s sister Sun Shuyu always accompanied him…It was May 2014. On a sunny afternoon, some students were playing football in small groups on the playground in a middle school in Xinbei District, Changzhou, while others were having a rest in the classroom.Suddenly, a noisy crash came from one of the classrooms.The students looked to see a boy frowning, holding a fruit knife in his hand, less than 2 meters away from him, a student lying on the ground.The classroom was in a mess and the head teacher called “120”, but the boy with a knife still kept fighting posture.It was not until the head teacher took away the fruit knife that the boy began to panic.”Is the classmate dead?Look what I’ve done, okay?What shall I do next…”He dialed 110 of his own accord…The boy, named Bai Yu, also enjoyed the warmth of home when he was young, but the good time was brief.When she was seven years old, her parents divorced and Bai Yu lived with her grandparents.His mother married far away and left him alone.Her father remarried and had a new family, and hakuba visited her father occasionally for a few days during the holidays.Father and son are both familiar and strange.Every time they meet again, Bai Yu has a lot of words to tell his father, but before he opens his mouth, his father is disgusted.Gradually, Hayu becomes silent and does not talk much.In high school, Hakuyu still kept to herself.There is a student called Su Zheng, a good family, very good popularity, but “despise” bai Yu.They live with a dormitory, Su is often looking for stubble to bully bai Yu, military training still called for a gang “little brother” teach Bai Yu, the gap of two people is accumulated more and deeper.Bai Yu swallowed her anger, rolled up her bedding and moved out of the dormitory.But su is still drawing students isolated white feather, because of fear of bullying, white feather has been with fruit knife self-defense, so as to deal with “attack” at any time.On May 13, 2014, Bai Yu was on duty.After lunch, he was cleaning the blackboard in the classroom and was bumped by Su Zheng who was passing by.Su is provocative speech and the look of disdain angered white feather, long-term backlog in the bottom of the heart of discontent instantaneous outbreak.White plume took out the prepared “self-defense weapon” points three times to stab the Su is…Fortunately, after rescue, Su zheng is out of danger, but the left hand back tendon ruptured.Bai Yu entered the detention house.The youth of 16 years old, began to spend in fear, regret and loneliness.He dreaded the night and longed to go back to school and live a quiet, undisturbed life with his grandmother.He yearned for love from his parents, especially his mother.Hakuyu’s days of waiting for the verdict dragged on.On January 16, 2015, the New North District People’s Procuratorate prosecuted Bai Yu for intentional homicide, and the prosecutor recommended that Bai yu be sentenced to prison.A week later, the new North District Court accepted the case, in charge of the case is the juvenile court judge Shuyu Sun.This is sun Shuyu to the juvenile court undertook the first criminal incidental civil case.At first, Sun Shuyu thought the juvenile delinquent would be a little rebellious, but when she first went to the detention center to deliver materials, contact with Bai Yu, this idea was overturned.In front of the white feather, Sven wen, black glasses under that thin face, white to no trace of blood color.Throughout the arraignment, he curled up like a frightened kitten, his head bowed.Especially let Sun Shuyu is deeply impressed, white feather eyes are full of fear and despair, how could such a weak child become a murderer?With doubt Sun Shuyu tried to approach the child.Lucky people, life is cured by childhood, unfortunate people, life is cured in childhood.Sun Shuyu learned about bai Yu’s family background, understand the cause of his sensitive, fragile, unsocial character, but in the eyes of classmates and teachers, Bai Yu is honest and honest, in school performance is also good.After the white feather accident, his father rushed to the heart and died of a sudden heart attack.After consideration, Sun Shuyu decided to hide the matter from Bai Yu first, but also to help him apply for the new north court “lighthouse Meng” legal voluntary services, chose a kind, senior psychological consultant, regular psychological counseling for him.In addition, Sun Shuyu went to visit Su is many times, for the victim of the white feather sincere understanding.Initially the Su Zheng family firmly insisted on sentencing Bai Yu to prison and criminal collateral civil compensation.Sun Shuyu understand each other, which parents do not love their children?But she didn’t give up. She came to her house again and again.Everyone’s heart has a soft place, when the Su Zheng family learned bai Yu’s confession, as well as his growing experience was touched.By heart, bai Yu is the same age with Su, life is just starting, and Su is also a fault in the first.Sun shuyu’s efforts finally had an effect.In February 2015, the two parties conducted the mediation of civil compensation attached to the criminal case under the organization of the court.Bai Yu was brought to the court that day and apologized to Su Zheng, and Su Zheng grew up after this matter.He signed a memorandum of understanding asking the court to treat Bai more leniently, the two sides shook hands and Bai’s family paid 45,000 yuan in compensation on the spot.In April 2015, the Xinbei District Court sentenced Bai Yu to two years in prison, suspended for three years, for attempted murder.The court called the counselor to attend so that he could be given psychological counseling after sentencing.On May 4, the court signed a decision to seal bai Yu’s criminal record, guaranteeing that he will enjoy “equal treatment” in terms of enrollment, resuming school, entering a higher school and other basic living security, and his “criminal record” will no longer be included in student files and personnel and labor files.Love in the continuation, help teach accompany after the case closed, Sun Shuyu did not stop to help teach footsteps.After a period of psychological counselling, Bai Yu slowly put down the unbearable past.He talked with Sun Shuyu revealed that he was eager to return to the high school campus and continue to take the college entrance examination.Relatives do not approve, think bai Yu wasted a year of school, the opportunity to enter the university is slim, the best to learn some skills to make money early household subsidies.Sun Shuyu, however, should respect his choice, support him, I believe he will succeed.Sun Shuyu will report this situation to the leadership of the institute, and then the court came forward to organize and coordinate, for baiyu in the area of a high school lending indicators.Returning to his dream school and being a high school student again, Bai Yu can’t believe it’s all true. He picks up his grandmother and turns around several times.But his father had died, his mother was far away, and living conditions were not good. How could his grandparents afford the tuition and living expenses for three years in high school?Sun shuyu consulted with the court leaders and contacted the local civil affairs department to apply for bai Yu’s subsistence allowance.At the same time, the court communicated with the school to inform the school of Bai Yu’s special situation, hoping that the school could give Bai Yu more care and help, but also to keep her identity secret.The school reduced the tuition and miscellaneous fees and accommodation fees for Bai Yu, reducing his economic burden to the greatest extent, but also specially selected a teacher with a strong sense of responsibility to do bai Yu’s head teacher, let him set his mind at learning.On the eve of school, Sun Shuyu took Bai Yu to the mall to buy new clothes, new school bags and stationery.On the day of school registration, Sun Shuyu sent bai Yu to the school gate, exhorted all the way.Hayu, carrying her luggage, nodded and said softly, “I know.”Make a beeline for campus.Without taking two steps, he suddenly stopped and turned to Sun Shuyu and said, “Sister, thank you!”Although the voice is very light, but enough to let Sun Shuyu moved, tears blurred his eyes.From that day on, Sun Shuyu more understand the weight of sister’s name.Three years in high school, Sun Shuyu and the class teacher formed an “alliance” to help Bai Yu together.She accompanies bai Yu’s grandparents every month to take out that month’s food expenses from his subsistence insurance card, and gives them directly to the head teacher when visiting Bai Yu, and then the head teacher replenishes bai Yu’s meal card regularly.They added wechat to each other to keep in touch with each other and keep an eye on Bai Yu’s mental state, school performance and study.And bai Yu cherishes the hard-won study opportunity very much, study also very assiduous.The day before the college entrance examination, Sun Shuyu helped bai Yu book a hotel near the test site, prepared food, fruit and some common drugs in the room, she also specially from other places to meet bai Yu’s mother to accompany him to live together.Good intentions to white feather added the confidence of the college entrance examination.”Play hard, the college entrance examination is over, I will pick you up home.”Sun shuyu said as she left the hotel.Eventually, Bai Yu was admitted to the university of her choice.The New North District Court took the lead in contacting the District Youth League Committee and the District Procuratorate to help Bai Yu raise 9,700 yuan for her tuition for the first school year.Since her sophomore year, Bai yu has worked part-time in the school cafeteria and cooked two meals a day. Under the coordination of the court, bai Yu has been exempted from tuition and accommodation fees.In 2020, Sun Shuyu’s job has been transferred, but she is still the new North District court “Lighthouse Meng” legal volunteer team of volunteers, she is still caring and encouraging Bai Yu as always.Bai Yu did not live up to the judge sister and social expectations for him, we use love and warmth to heal his trauma, he studied hard, seriously transform, with their own actions to return to society.At the end of 2020, Hayu submitted an application to the court to join the Lighthouse Meng Legal volunteer team.He said that he was judge Sun Shuyu’s younger brother and a child of the New North District Court. He hoped to use his real experience to infect and help more confused teenagers and make more contributions to the society.