The ancients four do not marry: raise a face woman outside eight feet, in the people have mole zygomatic high, is there reason?

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Whether ancient or modern, marriage is a lifelong event for a person.But in ancient times, young people often did not have their own marriage autonomy, and it was basically up to their parents to decide who to marry.In the process of choosing a mate, parents also use many idioms passed down from generation to generation to judge whether a woman is suitable for their daughter-in-law.Until modern society, can occasionally see in the street stalls to see the face, so these feudal views really have scientific basis?01 marry the biggest taboo: look up a woman outside eight feet, this is why?The saying has a long history. It is said that since the Han Dynasty (206 bC-AD 24), the first thing a husband’s family looked for when choosing a wife was whether the woman had “an upward face” and “eight feet”.Face up, as the name implies, is the head back, chest out to walk.The eight feet is a figurative saying, meaning that the woman often walks outside as if she had eight feet.Why didn’t ancient society allow women to have an upturned face and eight feet?For to walk with one’s face upturned is to show that one’s heart is haughty, like a prince or Lord of the land, and is entitled to walk with one’s face upturned, and it is not proper for a little weak woman to walk with one’s face upturned.And ancient pay attention to women to be ladylike, as the saying goes, “the door does not go out, two doors do not step” this is the best standard of the big girl, if a woman often walk outside, not only will be criticized, but also shows that the woman’s family education is not very good.In fact, fundamentally speaking, these two statements are a kind of discrimination against women in feudal thought.After Confucianism developed into an orthodox ideology in the Han Dynasty, Dong Zhongshu complied with the requirements of the emperor and put forward the doctrine of the Three Cardinal guides and five constant forces, a large part of which was made for women.Expressions such as “upturned face” and “eight feet” became popular later.In the ancient society of male preference, it was almost tacitly accepted that women should pay attention to three obedience and four virtues when they were born, or they would be considered immoral by the villagers. As women, they must be gentle and reserved, gentle and elegant, and the habit of raising their faces and eight feet naturally does not conform to this regulation.Moreover, the ancients generally believed that women with these two habits were more aggressive in character and would struggle for the dominant position of their husbands in the family. Meanwhile, it was easy to have fierce quarrels with in-laws. Such things were not what every ancient family wanted to see, so it was necessary to avoid them in advance before choosing a wife.As a man, naturally do not want their wife is a very strong person, otherwise they will be laughed at in front of outsiders.This explains why the ancient people invented the ugly custom of foot binding, the biggest purpose of which was to restrict women from going out too much.Therefore, “a woman with a high face and eight feet outside” became the first standard for choosing a wife in ancient Times.02 The second standard for a wife:Black of birthmark, Yin tang, the marriage is not for a long time if the lift up his countenance and eight feet above is by observing the appearance and attitude of a woman to judge, so there are certain scientific basis, just can’t lift up his countenance and eight feet for women too many constraints, is not advocated in modern society, no matter men or women, can walk tall, strut.The second standard has a lot of metaphysical elements inside, first of all, there is a mole in the human body, as we all know, is a key point in the body, we can often see in the TV series, people suddenly in a coma can save him by pinching people in the way, it can be seen that the point of a person is how important.So why can’t the mole grow in the middle point?The ancients believed that the mole in the middle of the point on most people will not be loyal to the marriage, often appear in the act of infidelity in marriage.I do not know whether this is the conclusion reached by ancient people through a large number of sample analysis or random guess. In short, modern scientific research on the location of moles does not find that where moles are long will cause people to cheat.The location of the human acupoint is about right below a person’s nose, and people with moles here are generally rare. In the modern theory of physiognomy, there is also a claim that people with moles in people will have the risk of remarriage, but it can be imagined that this is completely made up without scientific basis and should not be believed.Yintang blackening is also often seen in TV dramas, generally referring to the signs of yintang blackening shortly after death.The ancients believed that people with black yintang were generally not in good health. After marriage, they might die within a few years, so the marriage could not last long.There are still many debates about the relationship between yintang blackening and people’s life span, but most people think that there should be no relationship between the two.The third criterion: a woman with high cheekbones should never be married.However, there are many folk sayings about this standard, such as “a woman with high cheekbones does not need a knife to kill her husband”, and there is no scientific basis other than rhyme in the sentence.So what about the myth that you can’t marry someone with high cheekbones?The ancient people valued homonyms very much, so generally after the change of dynasties, the emperor’s surname should be avoided by the common people, even if it is homonym, must be changed to another name.The same is true for cheekbones, which are pronounced the same way as the word for power, so ancient people thought that people with high cheekbones must have a strong desire for power.Women with high cheekbones compete for the highest power in the household, which is often in the hands of men. This is the origin of the saying “women with high cheekbones kill husbands without knives.” In this way, the saying is completely unfounded.04 in the modern still in mate selection of popular proverb, basically is the remnants of feudal ideology, is a female subordination of continues today under the social habits, we advocate the equality between men and women in modern society, so if you hear these words when choosing a marriage partner, don’t have to take it seriously, even married women really strong, like to go out, personality and vigorous,It’s not a good thing.And the ancient aesthetic concept and modern compared to have a very different, although the Chinese culture is very extensive and profound, but it contains a lot of dregs thought, we should cherish the precious cultural heritage left by our ancestors, but also abandon backward ideas, in order to create a better life.Pictures from the network, such as infringement, contact to delete!