Focus on workshop dust pollution, how to use workshop dust removal equipment!

2022-07-23 0 By

Many manufacturing and processing enterprises are very concerned about the dust pollution of the workshop, so how to use the workshop dust removal equipment is a lot of enterprises need to know.First of all, enterprises must be clear about their own industrial processing methods, which is clear for enterprises to grasp the understanding of harmful substances in dust and dust.Thus more accurate selection of dust removal equipment.Of course, it is also possible to listen to the recommendation of the sales staff of the dust removal equipment.Material also is, the scope of the work, which must be clear, because the specific work scope of the enterprise can determine how much power the enterprise needs to choose or the nature of the equipment.For example: if the enterprise wants to purify multiple smoke and dust stations with one equipment.It needs the equipment strategy of high power and many straws. If the enterprise is the work of large amount of dust and dust, and the stations are far apart, the point-to-point targeted dust removal equipment can be selected.This is reasonable and maximize the interests of the enterprise.Multi-station is the last, the enterprise processing of materials, many materials processing only produce dust and no smoke, you need to targeted dust collector and other equipment.Or some processing is more smoke such as laser marking, laser jet coding, PCB electronic soldering and such processing can only use the smoke purifier can be.In short, how to use the relevant workshop dust removal equipment, the premise is to understand the demand and the actual situation in detail so that the dust removal equipment sales staff will also recommend the appropriate equipment to let the enterprise use the worry, rest assured.Dust cleaning equipment