“The first lesson of school”, to bring students peace

2022-07-23 0 By

“We traffic police shu shu to bring you the ‘first lesson of the school’, I hope to guide you to obey the laws and comity, to bring you peace and good luck, also hope you do a little propagandist, to parents and friends preach, we travel together.”On the morning of February 25, Xiantao City public Security Bureau traffic police detachment six brigade captain Deng Wenhua in Pengchang Town south middle school, won the teachers and students such as thunder applause.On the same day, the sixth brigade and pengchang police station, chengnan Middle school for more than 900 students to send the “first lesson”, aimed at passing traffic safety laws and regulations knowledge, guide students to establish civilized, standardized traffic safety awareness.In class, the police through the analysis of traffic accidents around the case, from the daily life how to walk correctly, bike, ride and other aspects, to popularize safe travel knowledge to the students.Remind the students not to run the red light, cross the road to walk the zebra crossing, not to make fun of the road, usually do not sit overmanned cars, agricultural vehicles, and when taking a car to wear a seat belt, motorcycle to wear a safety helmet.At the same time, the police also encouraged the students to be a good little safety propagandist, to spread the concept of traffic safety to their families, to remind their families not to drink and drive, not to drive overcrowding and speeding cars.In this “first lesson of school” lecture, the police of the sixth brigade, together with shahu police Station, delivered a lecture to nearly 300 students in Shahu Middle School.This strengthened the teachers and students’ awareness of traffic safety and civilized traffic awareness, which was warmly welcomed by teachers and students. It is hoped that the traffic police will continue to hold such lectures in the future to create a “safe road” for students to travel.