The nice guy in the stone circle

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Move hands, click on the upper right corner “attention”, stone circle with you to play stone!In today’s stone circle mixed with such a gang: in front of others, no matter how the stone will say “good”, no matter how the point of view will praise.If you want to ask where it is good, but often or understatement, a brush with or around him.To such people, some stone friends often call them “emotionally intelligent,” while others dismiss them as insincere.In fact, they are just “yes men”!This kind of “good gentleman” is not unique to the stone circle, not to mention a contemporary product.As early as more than two thousand years ago in the Spring and Autumn period and the Warring States period, but at that time they were also called “xiang Xiang”.It refers to the kind of social distinction between right and wrong, the same as the vulgar, words and deeds differ, hypocrisy deceives the world, everywhere please, also do not offend the village, to “honest and honest” praised “old man”.As for such people, Sage Confucius pointed out sharply that such “village vows” do not match their words and deeds. In fact, they are people who resemble morality rather than virtue, and are the “thieves” of virtue.More than a hundred years later, Mencius made it clear that such people were “in line with the vulgar, in line with the world of profanity”.Although they appear to be “good gentlemen” who do not offend the villagers at all, in fact, they erase right and wrong, confuse good and evil, do not uphold justice, do not resist evil and evil, and become moral hazard.In stone circle, the gentleman looks no fault, common with people like loyal, ACTS as though he had no big problem, and always put on a pair of please like, hope to win the love of others, but can’t insist, but care what other people, over time, more and more, it will confuse right and wrong standard, influence people’s appreciation and judgment,It is not conducive to the healthy development and virtuous cycle of stone appreciation culture.Photo: from Shiyou, for appreciation only